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Top 10 Flea Myths

by Jean Hofve, DVM

Myth #1: A healthy pet won't get fleas -
While not a guarantee, it is true that a healthy animal is a much less attractive host for fleas. That's one of many good reasons to feed a high quality diet of natural food. However, even a healthy pet can get fleas in heavily infested regions, so keep a watchful eye out and use a natural flea repellent on all at-risk pets.

Myth #2: Fleas live on pets, not in the house - Fleas usually enter the house on pets, as stated above, but they can quickly find refuge in the house. Carpets, bedding, pet beds, and
upholstered furniture make cozy homes for fleas, flea eggs, and flea larvae. If you find fleas in the house, you must take quick action to eliminate them there (as well as on your pet, and even in your yard).

Myth #3: Keeping the house clean will prevent fleas -
Unfortunately, fleas can infest even the most spotless house. Fleas usually enter the house on your pets, but they can also hitch a ride on clothing, and have even been seen to jump right into the house on their own. Hard-surfaced floors are no protection, either; fleas can live in the cracks and around the edges of wood, laminate, or tile floors. They can also take refuge in furniture, bedding, and area rugs. If you live in an area with fleas, it is important to protect your pets at all times. It's also important to get rid of fleas in your yard. Creating a flea-free buffer all around the house a great way to prevent infestation.

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