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We Have the Greatest Partners
in the Natural Pet Industry!

Do you know we carry over 130 amazing brands?! Your options for natural pet care don't get any better than through our vast selection of both established brands and some new and smaller brands that you may have never heard of.

Take 10% off our featured companies below through June 10th!

We want to take this opportunity to introduce you to some of our favorites. Stay tuned over the next month or so because we'll be spotlighting great brands in each of our product categories. In our weekly emails, we'll be providing background on each so you know what they are all about and why we support them, and hope you will too!

For over a decade, In Clover has been developing the highest quality natural supplements designed to enhance and maintain vibrant, active and healthy pets. Their innovative products are based on solid scientific research. The high levels of active ingredients quickly support joint, digestive, immune and dental health, so pets and their humans can continue to enjoy all of their favorite activities together. With In Clover, "10 is the new 6" for pets!

In Clover is a Boulder, Colorado based company, and we love that they are our neighbors! Rebecca Rose is the founder, and her company's proven, natural formulas for joint, digestive and dental health are designed to work in pets as nature intended. Click here to read her informative article on joint health in dogs and cats.

Unsurpassed Quality
Pet parents can feel good about giving In Clover's products. They believe all pets deserve the best, so they make our products in the USA, with only the best ingredients and the highest quality standards. In Clover has passed rigorous inspections, earning the right to display the National Animal Supplement Council Quality Seal on all of their products.

In Clover Eco-Friendly Every Day

In Clover strives to reduce their carbon "pawprint" in many ways. In Clover uses environmentally friendly cleaning supplies in their facility. In the warehouse, In Clover reuses shipping pallets, boxes and packing material from their company and from other companies in our community. In Clover saves on fuel by consolidating sales calls, telecommuting, and employees biking, skateboarding, scootering, or driving fuel efficient vehicles to work. Finally, all of the In Clover employee cats and dogs have been adopted from shelters and came "slightly used". The dogs that come to work with employees happily help to reduce waste daily by eating any product that accidentally gets dropped on the floor during packaging! Preventing waste, reusing, and recycling not only benefits the environment we all live in, but allows their products to remain the best value. They understand times may be tight but you can feel good that you are giving your pet a pure, effective, high quality supplement at the best value available. They deserve it.

The Miracle Solution That Ends Pulling in Minutes and Allows You to Train Without Choking Your Dog.

Walk in Sync is a small company from our home state of Colorado. The owner, Alecia, is dedicated to training your dog in a loving, nurturing, pain free way so that your lifelong relationship thrives.

Alecia's Training Psychology
Choking a dog makes them associate training with painful repercussions for making wrong choices. By properly teaching a dog what you want them to know (positive reinforcement) and understanding that corrections do not have to be painful or harmful, you will create a well mannered, great friend and family member for life. There is no need to pop a leash or choke a dog to train it. Reprimanding a dog for bad behavior or causing it pain does not allow your dog to learn good behavior without the fear of pain.

While others mix their proteins with grains, fillers and chemical additives, or use Genetically Engineered farm raised products, WildSide Pet Products has refused to cave in to the All Mighty Profit Monster. Producing products of this quality is not cheap and the results speak for themselves. They have managed to streamline their process and keep their overhead low to provide their customers with a product that is head and shoulders above the rest, at a price that is affordable.

For their health, safety and convenience, all of their treats are Freeze Dried and packaged in a Human Quality food processing facility, not a pet food plant or rendering facility.

All of their treats are processed in accordance with HAACP regulations and contain only Human quality ingredients. They have processing facilities in Qingdao, China as well as TePuke, New Zealand and Seattle, USA. Each processing location is chosen to maximize freshness, processing techniques and nutritional value to insure that you get the best quality treats available anywhere on Earth.

Their policy has always been to provide dogs with the healthiest and most nutritious treats, with one added bonus. They must be taste tested to drive canines Wild!

Founders Rich & Debbie thank you for your support!


At TrueBlue, they�re dedicated to creating the highest quality products for our true-blue best friends. They believe these products should be just as good as the products we buy for ourselves - great looking and feeling products, with fashionable styling and healthy, high quality materials - but respectful of the special needs of animals. At the same time, TrueBlue strives to build strong bonds with their employees, business partners, customers, and the broader community of animal lovers.

In developing their products, TrueBlue used clinical information provided by Washington State University's College of Veterinary Medicine, one of the most respected veterinary institutions in the country. Through their world-class teaching hospital, community clinic, Center for Animal Well-Being, and strong focus on the human-animal bond, WSU has had abundant insights to share with TrueBlue.

In 1994 Pet Care Systems (PCS) was founded by Mike, Vonnie and Mark Hughes who set out to create a litter that could be safer for pets, people and the environment without sacrificing performance. The result of this quest was Swheat Scoop Natural Wheat Litter.

PCS is an environmentally focused company located in Detroit Lakes, MN, in the heart of the Great Plains states. They hold numerous U.S. and foreign patents on their proprietary ingredients and manufacturing process, with additional patents pending.

They also manufacture a wheat-based product that serves as a litter and bedding for equine and small domestic animals such as rabbits, ferrets and birds. Hundreds of testimonials from devoted consumers attest to the fact that these environmentally friendly products really work!

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