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Holistic Healthcare Library – Feature Article In This issue

10 Summer Safety Tips for Pets
by Jean Hofve, DVM

Most of us are out and about much more in the summer, including many of our pets! But summer comes with its own set of potential problems. Common sense and preventive measures can prevent illness and injuries for our pets. Here are our Top 10 tips for a safe and happy summer:

1. Prevent Parasites

2. Stay Cool!

3. Leave Rover at Home

4. Avoid Sunburn

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Dr. Jean's Natural Pet Corner In This issue

Meet Dr. Jean Hofve, Holistic veterinarian and author. Dr. Jean has 18 years’ experience in conventional and alternative veterinary medicine. She has a passion for feline health and nutrition; she has intensively studied and researched pet nutrition and the pet food industry since the early 1990s. She is recognized as an expert on pet food, having written dozens of articles and been interviewed for print, radio, and television around the world.

Guidelines for safe handling of cats. Cats get less veterinary care than dogs. That’s an established fact. A study published in 2008 in the Journal of the American Veterinary Medical Association found that: Cats get significantly less attention and veterinary medical care from their owners than dogs.
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Heartworm now found "in all 50 states". According to the American Heartworm Society (AHS), its “every–three–years survey, which tracks heartworm incidence from data supplied by more than 5,000 veterinary clinics, has documented cases in every state.
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What you don't know about food can hurt you! I just finished watching a stunning TED talk on food safety in the U.S. The speaker, Robyn O’Brien, told the story of how one of her children developed a food allergy, and that experience started her on a path of researching the human food chain and its many links to illness. Since pet food is made from the leftovers of the human food industry, this information is important for all your family members, including the ones with fur, scales, or feathers! Click Here to view the video ›

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Questions and Answers from the Customer Care Cabin

My dog has Inflammatory Bowel Syndrome (IBS) and has been on antibiotics almost every other month. I am concerned that this is also killing off the good bacteria in his stomach. Should I give him Wysong AddLife?


Antibiotics do kill the healthy or "friendly" bacteria in the digestive system, so you would be wise to supplement with a probiotic.  While Wysong AddLife is an excellent supplement for dogs on a processed diet (like dry kibble), it may not provide enough probiotic enhancement for a dog on antibiotics as often as yours.  In addition to the AddLife (which would be beneficial if your dog is eating a processed diet), you may want to consider additional probiotic support such as the Wysong Pet Inoculant or NF Spectra Probiotic.

New Products at Only Natural Pet Store

We are constantly bringing on the best and latest new offerings from vendors you've heard of and many that you are going to want to hear about it. We share some of our favorite new additions to our line–up here:

Life Line Pet Nutrition    
We will now be offering Wild Alaskan Salmon Oil and Organic Ocean Kelp.

The Salmon oil contains ONLY pure Wild Alaskan Salmon Oil. Each 4,650 mg teaspoon provides approximately 1,395 mg of total omega–3 fatty acids, including 558 mg of EPA and 651 mg of DHA. It is produced with sustainably harvested salmon utilizing a "cold" extraction method.

Available in 16.5 oz, 26 oz and 128 oz.

Kelp is a rich source of natural vitamins and minerals including essential trace elements for balanced growth, health and reproduction. Promotes dental health, fresh breath and removal of plaque and tartar for healthy teeth & gums. Maintains skin & coat health. Supports the immune system. Aids in digestion and increasing metabolism.

Available in 8 oz.

Both of these items will be on sale at 10% off until July 13th.

Himalayan Dog Chews. First used by the Himalayan people as a long–lasting snack, these 100% natural chews are now being imported for dogs to enjoy. They are made from an ancient recipe of yak milk, cow milk, salt, and lime juice. These hard, dense treats take hours to soften up and are great for tough chewers!

Available in 3.5 oz (3 – 5 pieces for Small Dogs), 2.5 oz (1 piece for Medium Dogs), 3.5 oz (1 piece for Large Dogs), 6.0 oz (1 piece for X–Large Dogs).

This item will be on sale at 10% off until July 9th.

World's Best Cat Litter   
We will now be offering Lavender scent extra-strength multi-cat litter with 100% all–natural lavender oil.

• Lavender has earned a reputation for cleanliness, health and prestige.
• The name comes from the Latin root lavare, which means "to wash," which may explain why you can find lavender in so many soaps!
• Lavender is also associated with relaxation, which is why it remains so popular in aromatherapy.
• Lavender may help reduce stress, anxiety and insomnia.

This item will be on sale at 10% off until July 31st.

Walk in Sync   
We are now offering the Sport Harness & Leash Training System. Designed for superior comfort with soft but sturdy webbing, fully adjustable girth and neck straps, and reflective tabs for night walks. Accu–grip leash and harness are designed to assist in eliminating the pulling habit in minutes, without ever pulling, choking or damaging your dog or puppy’s neck, trachea and throat.

There are two videos available via the product page that offer demonstrations of the product and key features.

The item is available in 4 colors: Red, Black, Brown and Turquoise. There are 7 sizes available: XS, XS/S, S, S/M, M, L and XL.

This item will be on sale at 10% off until July 31st.

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