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Pet Facts You May Not Know with 10% Off All Treats & Toys PLUS Multiple Bonus Offers

Fun Idea for Your Dog During Alone Time

Worried your dog is bored or lonely while you're away at work? Make their day fun with interactive dogs toys. Fill 2 - 3 toys like Kong, Ruff Wear TurnUp, or Planet Dog Orbee toys with their favorite treats and hide the toys around the living room before you leave for work. This will provide your pup with not only the fun of trying to hunt down their toys but then enjoying the treats inside them.

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Classic Kong Dog Chew Toy
Super bouncy toys with a cavity inside for placing a treat, giving your dog lots of chewing pleasure as they work to get to it.
Was $8.49
Now $7.64

Ruff Wear TurnUp
This interactive toy is almost round, so it bounces in all directions - ideal for athletic dogs of any size.
Was $9.99
Now $8.99

Planet Dog
100% recyclable, this doggie-durable, buoyant, bouncy and minty toy is simply irresistible to dogs.
Was $6.99
Now $6.29

Did you know?
Place peanut butter or canned food inside a toy and place in the freezer for half an hour to create a longer lasting treat experience!
Was $0.99
Now $0.89

Cats Aren't Chewers - Are They?

In cats, chewing on things that aren't food is generally considered to be an abnormal condition called "pica." Pica can be a sign of dental disease or abdominal pain, so get your cat checked by the vet if your cat suddenly starts this behavior or does it excessively. However, there are cats that do like to chew. Below are a few options perfect for these ferocious felines. Teething kittens may also appreciate the satisfying feel of these toys.

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Catnip Chew Ring
Dental health in cats is an important concern for owners and veterinarians. Filled with catnip and catnip stalks, to attract cats and improve dental health.
Was $4.49
Now $4.04

West Paw Dazzle Catnip Toy
Dazzle is sure to... well, dazzle all of your cat's senses, with its colorful feather tail, interior bell and catnip aroma!
Was $7.99
Now $7.19

What's the Deal with Cats and Plants?

Many cats chew on plants. Holiday plants, including poinsettias, ivy, holly, lilies, and other bulb plants, can be harmful to pets (lilies are especially dangerous for cats); be sure to keep them out of reach of curious noses! Kitty's Garden cat grass would be a big hit with them.

Did You Know?
You can grow your own organic catnip. The plant grows to maturity between 45 to 90 days and reaches a height of 3 feet tall maximum.
Was $3.99
Now $3.59

SmartCat Kitty's Garden
Just add water to the organic seeds and peat moss soil, and in 4 to 6 days your cat has a garden of nutritious oat, rye, barley, and wheat grass.
Was $9.99
Now $8.99

Does your dog wolf down his food without chewing?

Try feeding him from an old muffin pan and divide the food between the cups. Many weight control issues in pets are due to inadvertent overfeeding of kibble. One solution is to trim a paper cup to the exact portion recommended for your dog or cat to eliminate accidental overfeeding. Remember feeding guides are based on averages, so the feeding amount for your furry friend may not be what is "recommended" on the feeding panels.

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Sojos Grain-Free Dog Food Mix
Air dried blend of dried veggies, fruits, herbs and other healthy foods to mix with cooked or raw meats. For dogs with sensitivities to grains.
Was $14.99
Now $13.49

Only Natural Pet Freeze Dried Patties
Offer proven health benefits of a raw meat diet without the fuss. Made with USDA, naturally raised beef, chicken and organic veggies.
Was $11.99
Now $10.79

Dry Food As a Way to Clean Teeth is a Myth

When a dog or cat eats kibble they either swallow it whole or, when they manage to bite down on a kibble or two, it will shatter. Kibble does not scrape down onto the lower parts of the teeth or near the gums, which is where dental problems start. In fact, kibble can contribute to dental problems when small bits lodge between the teeth and promote bacterial growth. Just as with humans, food debris that contains carbohydrates gets broken down into sugar, which dental bacteria feed upon. Home dental care including brushing the teeth and dental sprays will help keep your pet's teeth healthy between full cleanings by your veterinarian.

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Only Natural Pet All Smiles Oral Care Spray
All Smiles Oral Care is a herbal dental spray for pets that removes plaque and tartar and prevents buildup on the teeth. For dogs & cats.
Was $19.99
Now $17.99

PetzLife Oral Care Dental Products
Oral Care products specially formulated to end plaque & tartar build-up, and the all natural ingredients kill bacteria.
Was $23.99
Now $21.59

Prevent the Tricks!

Pumpkins, hay and cornstalks make great decorations at this time of year but can produce gastrointestinal upset or even intestinal blockage if ingested by pets. Additionally, be sure to keep Halloween decorations safely out of reach, especially jack-o'-lanterns lighted by candles or electrical cords. Chocolate in all forms can be deadly for dogs and cats. Tin foil and cellophane wrappers are also dangerous if ingested. If you suspect your pet has ingested a potentially dangerous substance, please call your veterinarian or the ASPCA Animal Poison Control Center at (888) 426-4435.

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Only Natural Pet GI Support
Aids digestion, and helps with food allergies, vomiting, diarrhea, constipation, and supports the body's normal inflammatory response.
Was $36.99
Now $33.29

Only Natural Pet Tummy Relief
Support proper GI tract structure & function during times of digestive upset & stress associated with food sensitivities, age & traveling.
Was $27.99
Now $25.19

Costumes for All!

While it's great fun to dress up for Halloween, be sure your dog or cat is comfortable being in costume. Many pets love the extra attention, but for some it can cause undue stress. Halloween dog costumes should not limit your pet's ability to see, hear, breathe or move about freely. Avoid costumes with small, dangling or easily chewed-off pieces and monitor your pet at all times when he or she is in costume. Even the most social pets can become stressed out by a sudden influx of trick-or-treaters or partygoers. Know your dog or cat's limitations and provide a safe, quiet space for them to retreat if you plan on entertaining trick-or-treaters or party guests. Anxiety relief remedies may help ease your pet's stress as well.

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Bach Rescue Remedy Flower Essences
Used for an immediate calming effect in any stressful situation, or when your pet needs help overcoming emotional or behavioral problems.
Was $15.99
Now $14.39

Vetri-Science Composure
Calming support formula recommended for pets exposed to increased environmental stressors.
Was $24.99
Now $22.49

Buffalo vs. Bison

When many of us hear the word "buffalo" we imagine the lumbering animal found in North America - but that won't be true on your dog food label! Early American settlers called bison "buffalo" because the animals reminded them of the African Cape buffalo or Asian water buffalo, but the name "buffalo" stuck for the American variety. But it's wrong. If it's from the U.S. the protein will always be called "Bison" whereas protein labeled Buffalo will usually come from Africa or Asia.

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Addiction Can Cat Safari Buffalo Meatloaf
These canned cat foods offer non-traditional formaulas that are made with a variety of New Zealand meats with no by-products or fillers.
Was $2.09
Now $1.88

Solid Gold WolfKing
For large breed dogs, made with bison, flaxseed oil, garlic, blueberries, and host of other nutrients for a complete, balanced diet.
Was $30.99
Now $27.89

Chewing and Teething Assistance

For a cool toy that is perfect for teething puppies or active chewers, soak a rope toy in water and freeze. Make sure your cheerfully chewing canine works the toy on a surface that won't suffer due to the melting effect.

Jax & Bones Rope Toys
Jax & Bones Toys are 100% Eco-Friendly and are made from natural dyed cotton thread for puppies and dogs!
Was $11.99
Now $10.79

Earthdog Hemp Rope Toys
Perfect for heavy chewers and dogs who love a good game of tug-of-war. Made from 100% Hemp!
Was $10.99
Now $9.89

Are Those Products for Pets or for Humans?

Many of the products we offer at the Only Natural Pet Store are so versatile that they can be used on both humans as well as our companions. Next time you are out in wilderness and need bug spray for both you and your pet try either of the sprays below. Another great versatile product is paw balm. Paws are not made of 100% weather resistant material, so when weather conditions create hot or cold walking surfaces try a pet balm and your furry friend will thank you. Balms also work great to protect you from skin damage on your face and hands as well.

CedarCide BEST YET Pest Repellent Spray
Kills fleas, including eggs and larvae, on contact. An all green alternative to nerve toxic chemical flea and tick treatments.
Was $14.99
Now $13.49

Only Natural Pet Herbal Defense Spray
A natural insect repellent spray that contains essential oils to keep away insects. Contains no DEET or other pesticides.
Was $13.99
Now $12.59

Only Natural Pet Soothe & Shield Paw Balm
Moisturizes & helps heal cracked, dry foot pads. With rich plant butters & oils, plus soothing herbs and Vitamin E to protect paws.
Was $11.99
Now $10.79

Musher's Secret All Natural Paw Wax
All-season paw protection made from 100% natural waxes. Protects against salt, chemicals, ice build-up, sand, hot pavement, and more..
Was $15.49
Now $13.94

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