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Dr. Jean on First-Aid, 15% Off All First Aid Products, 20% Off All Freeze Dried Treats & Photo Contest!
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Emergency First-Aid for Pets
Dr. Jean Hofve, DVM

Life is full of surprises...some of them very unwelcome. Any pet can be injured or become seriously ill, even at home, but especially outdoors, whether in a yard, dog park, or out walking or hiking.

In this article Dr. Jean provides some practical tips that every pet owner should be aware of for emergency situations you may encounter including: poisoning, seizures, fractures or sprains, bleeding and choking.

Emergency treatment and first-aid for pets should never be used as a substitute for veterinary care, but it may save your pet's life on the way to your veterinarian and/or emergency veterinary facility.

A sick or injured pet may be in pain, scared, and confused, which can make it unpredictable. Even the calmest, gentlest pet may bite or scratch if injured. Handle the animal with a light touch and appropriate caution, and keep your hands and face away from its mouth.

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Q & A
The impact of antibiotics and the role of probiotics.
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Only Natural Pet Herbal Ointment
An ointment of healing herbs that can be used on a wide range of skin irritations like hot spots, abrasions and superficial skin infections.
Holiday Stress Reducers & Safety Tips
Supporting your companion through the stress of the holidays will likely reduce your own stress level as well.
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Bach Rescue Remedy Flower Essences 10ml
Used for an immediate calming effect in any stressful situation, or when your pet needs help overcoming emotional or behavioral problems.
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Only Natural Pet Soothe & Shield Paw Balm
Moisturizes & helps heal cracked, dry foot pads. With rich plant butters & oils, plus soothing herbs and Vitamin E to protect paws.
Was $11.99
Now $10.19

Pet Essences Emergency
Use after an accident, for stressful situations, trauma. Helps prevent shock and is calming. Can be put on skin if animal is unconscious.
Was $16.49
Now $14.02

Back on Track Dog Leg Wrap Small
Ceramic fabric uses dog�s body warmth to relieve pain & inflammation. May help injuries heal more quickly and ease arthritic pain
From $57.99
Now $49.29

Integrative Therapeutics Traumagesic Complex
Contains plant enzymes, anti-inflammatory herbs, homeopathics and minerals in a combination specifically designed to speed healing and relieve pain after injury.
Was $24.99
Now $21.24

Animals' Apawthecary FidoDerm Herbal Spray
An all-natural herbal spray with aloe & calendula for dogs. Provides soothing healing relief from skin irritations.
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Now $11.04

Only Natural Pet Hot Spot Skin Relief Oil
This all-natural blend helps soothe your dog's flea and other insect bites, hot spots, and minor skin infections and abrasions.
Was $15.99
Now $13.59

PupLight Dog Collar Safety Light
A must if you walk your dog at night, this small light hangs from its own band or your dogs collar and its three ultra-bright LED's light up to 200 feet. Makes your dog highly visible, and lights the way for you!
From $20.99
Now $17.84

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