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Up To 20% OFF Sale, New & Overstock Products PLUS New Holiday Items & Bonus Offers
Up To 20% OFF Sale, New & Overstock Products PLUS New Holiday Items & Bonus Offers
Our Holiday Gift Shop is open! Click the banner below to see all of our wonderful winter holiday items! Plus, this month we feature brand new winter holiday items, catnip toys, cozy warm sweaters for dogs, treats, freeze dried food and a few supplements you may not know about yet. Look closely to locate our special offers. Bookmark this email to keep coming back all month as this sale goes until November 30th while supplies last!
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What's on sale for November! This month we have selected some special items from our bestseller list including food, treats, toys and sweaters. Click on the item for more information and customer reviews.

Wysong Doctor's Dream Dog & Cat Treats for Teeth
Dream Treats are a meat-only snack, uniquely processed without damaging heat. Formulated to maintain oral health and prevent plaque.
Was $4.99
Now $4.24

Chilly Dog Fair Trade Sweaters
These 100% hand-knit wool sweaters are made in the Northern Highlands of South America by descendants of the Inca Indians.
Was $34.99
Now $29.74

Yeowww! Catnip Tin of Stinkies Cat Toys
Each toy is filled with 100% premium, organically grown catnip, and has no cotton fillers and no plastic pieces. Safe & fun for your cat!
Was $12.99
Now $11.04

Tagalong Wicker Pet Bicycle Basket
Adds a touch of class to your cycling fun! Authentic ratten wicker with soft fleece liner and removable sunshade. For pets up to 13 lbs.
Was $89.99
Now $76.49

Only Natural Pet HealthTreats Bison Jerky Strips
A tasty novel protein alternative for pets allergic to poultry meats, these mini strips are made from 100% free-range bison meat.
Was $23.99
Now $20.39

Only Natural Pet Freeze Dried Patties
Offer proven health benefits of a raw meat diet without the fuss. Made with USDA, naturally raised beef, chicken and organic veggies.
Was $29.99
Now $25.49

This month we feature the wildly popular new EasyRaw Chicken & Oats and MaxMeat Grain-Free Air Dried foods. We are also very excited about a new grain-free and gluten-free dehydrated food from Honest Kitchen. All of these items will be 10% off for the entire month.

Vetri-Science Vetri-Lysine Plus Soft Chews
Designed to support immune system function, collagen formation, tissue repair, antioxidant activity and antibody & lymphocyte production.
Was $24.99
Now $22.49

From the Field Hopped Up Harry the Hemp Bird
Made with natural hemp fabric & filled with potent all natural catnip, fresh valerian roots and buckwheat hulls for a nice, crinkly sound.
Was $4.99
Now $4.49

Honest Kitchen Grace Grain-Free Dehydrated Cat Food
Made with dehydrated cage-free USDA turkey, vegetables, fruits and love. Just add water for a fresh, wholesome and human grade meal.
Was $29.99
Now $26.99

Chasing Our Tails Smoked Marrow Bone Small
Sourced from GRASS-FED Maine & Vermont Cattle. Lightly brined in a salt/garlic solution with NO other additives or preservatives.
Was $5.99
Now $5.39

Only Natural Pet Grain-Free MaxMeat Air Dried Food
Made with free-range meat raised without hormones and antibiotics, protein-rich, low carbohydrate with added pumpkin for digestive health.
Was $12.99
Now $11.69

Only Natural Pet EasyRaw Chicken & Oats
Our natural formulas with USDA meats & sweet potato are the easy way to feed raw food, the ultimate in healthy nutrition. Just mix with water & serve!
Was $16.99
Now $15.29

For November we are featuring supplements to help clean toxins and strengthen the cardiovascular system. These items will be on sale up to 20% off while supplies last!

Seven Forests Reconciling
A Chinese herbal remedy to help clean toxins, vitalize blood and nourish the kidney and liver.
Was $20.99
Now $17.84

Thorne Research Super EPAVET
Recommended for supporting dermatological, cognitive & cardiovascular health. Omega-3 fatty acids with 425 mg EPA and 270 mg DHA per gelcap
Was $34.99
Now $27.99

Vetri-Science Cardio-Strength
Combines the synergistic effects of 11 ingredients vital for elderly animals. Recommended to support cardiovascular and circulatory health.
Was $60.99
Now $51.84

Only Natural Pet Phero-Soothe Dog Herbal
An easy-to-use pheromone spray that helps pets relax by creating a sense of well-being for dogs and cats in a room, vehicle, or carrier.
Was $10.99
Now $9.34

Only Natural Pet Immune Balance
A blend of plant-derived sterols & sterolins used to help balance immune functions. Especially helpful for allergies & autoimmune issues.
Was $24.99
Now $19.99

Only Natural Pet All Meat Bites Chicken 7 oz
100% free-range, human grade meat in chicken, beef, or bison. Use them to spoil your pet or crumble them on food for extra flavor & nutrition.
Was $29.99
Now $23.99

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