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15 Ways to Detox Your Pet, Dr. Jean on Kidney Health, Special Offers PLUS Holiday Gift Shop
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15 Ways to Detox Your Pet, Dr. Jean on Kidney Health, Special Offers PLUS Holiday Gift Shop
Fifteen Ways to Detox Your Pet

Toxins can cause, worsen, or accelerate many health problems in people and pets. What can you do to minimize the toxins in your pets' lives and help them eliminate the toxic load they have in their bodies? This first section of this article will discuss what toxins are, where they come from, and how they affect cats and dogs.

The second section of the article contains a list of fifteen suggestions on how to address and flush toxins in your pet that include: quality of food & treats, filtered water, nutraceuticals and cleansing herbs, household chemicals, exercise, air quality, exposure to outdoor pollutants, conventional medications, support of the liver, immune system, skin salvation, healthy digestion, kidney health, home environment and gentle detox with herbs & homeopathics.

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Herbal Profile
The role of Milk Thistle in detox and kidney health
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Only Natural Pet Kidney Support Plus
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Dr. Jean on Kidney Disease in Cats & Dogs
Kidney disease is a frequent problem in pets over age 10
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