Video: Celebrating Your Pet's Golden Years - Senior Pets

Celebrating Your Pet's Golden Years
with Dr. Steve Sanderlin

Celebrating Your Pet's Golden Years: Senior Pets

0:04 As our pets become
0:05 older and reach their senior years most of the time
0:09 the guardians will notice a slowing down a general slowing down and to me that is
0:15 generally reported as
0:16 they’re not as active physically or they might not be as mentally engaged they might
0:21 become a little overweight or some pets might become a little underweight from
0:26 where they've been
0:27 at a steady state throughout the younger years of their life
0:32 senior pets have special considerations
0:36 in that their diet may need to change one way or the other based on their
0:40 activity level having changed
0:42 also diets can have a great impact on
0:46 their lean muscle to fat ratio supplementation with
0:50 certain botanical certain herbal certain
0:53 nutraceutical supplements like even multi-vitamins is an excellent addition
0:57 to a senior pets
0:59 daily diet nutritional intake arthritis is a big issue as especially dogs get older
1:05 brain aging is an issue with dogs and with cats as they get older
1:09 the immune system can become weakened the digestive tract can become
1:13 weakened as some dogs and cats become older through dietary
1:16 means and through minimizing vaccines minimizing toxins
1:21 and staying in line with a more natural lifestyle as dogs and cats
1:26 become seniors is extremely important
1:30 quality life is simply
1:34 enjoying food getting to the water
1:37 being pet being part of a pack being able to be pain free
1:43 and feel safe and content in the environment in which they live

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