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Holistic Healing for Pets & Healing with Stones

Every year more and more people are turning toward a more holistic approach to their own health and well-being. Along with this trend comes growth in the number of guardians seeking a more holistic approach toward caring for their pets. So when we speak of providing "Holistic Care" for our companion animals, what does that really mean?

Holism refers to the idea that an entity is greater than the sum of its parts. While traditional Western medicine approaches pet care in a more isolated fashion; treating symptoms of disease with targeted drugs or surgery, a holistic approach will be both broader and deeper. Using a holistic approach to health care begins long before any signs of disease or illness present themselves.

Holistic care includes providing high quality nutrition consisting of as high a percentage of whole foods as possible, (such as raw or home-prepared foods). Supplementing an animal's diet with additional supportive nutrients, enzymes or probiotics is important. Attention must be given to proper exercise and exposure to fresh air, along with reducing the exposure to and effects of toxins such as chemical household products, pollution, pesticides and herbicides. Weight management is also crucial to an animal's overall well being.

Stress reduction is another important component of a holistic approach to pet care. Reducing stress means providing proper training for puppies and dogs, and an appropriate environment for cats - especially those in multi-cat households. Managing stress levels for your companions may also entail using supportive remedies to help ease anxieties.

Holistic care is not itself a method of treatment for illness, but instead an approach to how treatment should be applied. The focus is not on just the disease, but the whole being. The guardian's role is one of researching and choosing the most appropriate means of care and treatment for their companion, hopefully with the guidance of a holistically trained veterinarian.

Energy Medicine For Our Animals
With guest author, Sonia Alexandra
Founder and CEO of Stone Healing

Many holistic healing modalities work at an energetic level - acupuncture, homeopathy, flower essences and stone or crystal healing are examples. Stones and crystals have been used for thousands of years in traditional healing practices and cultures including Native American, Chinese, Japanese and Ayurvedic (East Indian) medicine. Through wearing a particular stone for a period of time or receiving a stone massage, it is believed that healing benefits are transmitted.

Stones and crystals work via subtle energy transference. All living beings are pulsing with and surrounded by subtle energy. The crystallized structures of stones absorb, focus and transmit subtle electro-magnetic energy. The atoms in stones and crystals vibrate at specific frequencies. These frequencies can have a healing effect on the body, helping to bring the animal's system back into balance and moving stagnant energies.

A holistic approach to our pets' health means taking their emotional as well as physical well being into consideration. When we provide a solid foundation of proper diet and nutrition along with proper exercise and minimizing stress, our companions are able to ward off many health challenges. Injury, illness and disease are accompanied by energy imbalances. When a harmonious energy frequency is introduced, such as a specific healing stone, the interfering energy pattern of the stone will aid the restoration of internal balance and harmony in the body. Holistic care supports our dog or cat by facilitating healing in a way that does not interfere with its body's own natural healing ability.

When choosing a stone for your companion, consider her general state of health, temperament and environment. Specific stones will not have the exact same effects on every individual. Stones can be used to massage your animal, or can be worn on the collar to enhance well being. The Stone Healing Charms are not only lovely; they also provide measurable therapeutic value through balance, protection and harmony.

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