Know Your Risk Level: Tick Borne Disease Statistics

Know Your Risk Level:

Tick Borne Disease Statistics


TICKS! Just the thought of these tiny blood sucking parasites is enough to scare any pet parent. With just one bite a single tick can transfer multiple disease, including Lyme Disease, Ehrlichiosis, and Anaplasmosis. Multiple factors, like climate change, suburbanization, and wildlife encroachment have only made these problems worse, allowing ticks to feed on our pets and continue their booming populations. This means it is more important than ever to protect your pets from these disease carrying pests.

Unfortunately, conventional flea and tick treatments can be incredibly dangerous for your pet. The EPA has investigated traditional spot-on flea and tick treatments as a result of numerous reports of negative incidents, including seizures, and even death, in both dogs and cats. While the EPA has since imposed additional restrictions on spot-on flea and tick treatments, the fact remains that they contain harmful pesticides which can cause both immediate and long-term negative side effects.

Thankfully, naturally solutions are just as effective and completely safe for your pet. Whether you’re using the natural pest repelling power of plant extracts, like geraniol (an extract of geraniums), the insect killing power of diatomaceous earth, the bio-energetic power of your own pet, or a combination of all three, protecting your pet from biting insects, and the diseases they carry, doesn’t have to include dangers, pesticide based treatments.

Read on for 2014 statistics on common tick borne diseases and discover the risk level in your state.



Tick Borne Disease: Lyme Disease

2014 Statistics and Facts
• 1 out of 16 dogs tested posted for Lyme Disease.
• 120,436 positive cases of 1,897,792 dogs tested.
• Lyme Disease is a bacterial infection that, if left untreated, can affect the joints, heart, and nervous system.



Tick Borne Disease: Ehrlichiosis

2014 Statistics and Facts
1 out of 34 dogs tested positive for Ehrlichiosis.
• 55,990 positive cases of 1,897,775 dogs tested.
• Ehrlichiosis is a bacterial infection that can prove fatal if not caught and treated in the early stages of the disease.



Tick Borne Disease: Anaplasmosis

2014 Statistics and Facts
1 out of 33 dogs tested positive for Anaplasmosis.
• 57,338 positive cases of 1,893,564 dogs tested.
• Anaplasmosis is a bacterial infection that often causes lameness, joint pain, fever, and lethargy.



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*Maps and statistics courtesy of CAPC (Companion Animal Parasite Council).

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