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Video: Following a Natural Path with Your Pet

Helping Your Pet Follow a Natural Path
with Dr. Steve Sanderlin

Following a Natural Path with Your Pet

0:04 The term natural these days has become a popular catchphrase
0:07 and natural refers to things that far from the earth
0:12 that are not man-made. In regards to pet food
0:15 and natural food natural food consists of ingredients that come from the earth
0:20 that are minimally processed and unprocessed that have
0:24 little to no preservatives that are man-made. As modern pet food
0:28 came about decades ago the food was made up ingredients that was less natural
0:33 these were processed
0:35 pulverized, ground, heated up. They use a lot of grains like corn wheat and soy.
0:40 The conventional foods out there and the companies that make the conventional
0:44 type diets are using a lot of grains, including not just natural grains but
0:49 genetically manipulated corn, wheat, soy. The meat ingredients
0:53 are not necessarily from the best sources. The natural pet food
0:58 world has completely shifted to
1:01 what food used to be before all these conventional foods came about several
1:05 decades ago.
1:06 The natural pet food world uses ingredients: meat protein,
1:10 plant sources, non-grain sources
1:13 non-GMO food sources that are from the earth;
1:17 they're not man-made manipulated by man. Mother nature did not design
1:21 foodstuffs with hydrogenated oils, hydrogenated fats,
1:25 they shouldn't be there. So in a natural sense the fatty acids
1:28 that we have in our foods and that we feed our pets should be
1:32 natural and non-hydrogenated.

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