Pain and Inflammation Control - Post Surgery or Injury

After injury or surgery we often want to aid our companions’ healing process and reduce any pain associated with the trauma.  In addition, some animals may experience chronic pain due to arthritis or other musculo-skeletal problems.  There are a variety of natural remedies available to help reduce our companions’ pain, along with physical healing modalities that are very beneficial.

Homeopathic remedies are a very safe and relatively easy way to assist healing and pain control.  These can be used along with any conventional medications and herbal remedies, and very rarely show any side effects. HomeoPet First Aid is an excellent remedy to keep on hand in case of accident or injury, as well as for use before and after any type of surgery such as teeth cleaning, spay or neuter, etc.

Both Canine and Feline Pain Plus Formula by Genesis Resources are excellent supplements that can support recovery from injury or surgery, or help discomfort for animals suffering from arthritis or spinal pain when administered along with a glucosamine/chondroitin supplement.  It contains herbs such as Yucca and Boswellia which can reduce inflammation and hasten healing.

Seven Forests Liquidambar 15 is particularly helpful with spinal issues - disc problems and back pain.  It is a Chinese herbal complex with a long history of use in humans and has shown promising results in dogs as well.

Traumagesic Complex combines the best of several types of remedies; including enzymes, Chinese herbs and homeopathics that help to speed healing and control pain and inflammation.  This is an excellent supplement for use after any injury such as sprains, strains, soft tissue; or bone injuries.  It is also helpful for joint and back pain.

Flower Essences are a very safe addition to any pain control program as they are completely safe and easy to administer.  They can be rubbed in through the paws and ears for those animals that are difficult to dose orally.  Here are a few that may be appropriate depending on the cause of your animal's pain: Pain Relief Flower Essence, Physical Recovery, Trauma Recovery, Arthritis / Achy Pain.

K-9 Aspirin is also an easy to administer chewable that is highly palatable and aids in the relief of temporary aches & pains and healthy inflammation response.

A final note - it is imperative to determine the underlying cause of your companion's pain before attempting to treat it.  Pain is an important messenger and masking pain without knowing the source can create further problems.

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