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Homeopathic, Chinese Herbs, and Herbal Care Formulas
The health and well-being of your animals is what we strive to improve on a daily basis, and the use of chinese herbs, herbal remedies, and homeopathics is a great way for you as a pet owner to give your beloved companions the natural care they deserve. Through January 24th, you can save 15% on a wide variety of natural remedies!
A Short Guide to Chinese Herbal Medicine
by Jean Hofve, DVM

Acupuncture and Chinese herbs fall within the broader heading of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). TCM has been used for thousands of years to understand and treat disease, and today is becoming more popular as people realize the powerful yet gentle ways of TCM healing.

Both acupuncture and Chinese herbs can be used effectively in treating health issues in dogs and cats. Many holistic veterinarians offer acupuncture as a treatment modality in their practice. Chinese herbal remedies are also widely used for pets in the holistic veterinary community, including many that are formulated specifically for pets. Following is an overview of the basic principles behind TCM. At the bottom of the article you will find links to the Chinese herbal remedies offered at Only Natural Pet Store.

Here are a few basic principles that are helpful to understand when using Chinese herbs:

1. Chi or Qi (pronounced Chee) is the fundamental life force energy. Chi flows through the body through 12 primary channels called "meridians." All beings start out with a certain amount of Chi, and obtain Chi by breathing it in from the air and deriving it from food and drink.

2. Yin/Yang represents the duality or opposite nature of all things; this is its familiar symbol. Yet the dot reminds us that there is a little bit of both in everything. Yin (Water) is considered feminine, cool, downward, weak, and dark; while Yang (Fire) is the opposite: masculine, hot, upward, strong, and bright. Yin and Yang are interdependent; health depends on maintaining a balance of both. An imbalance may be either excessive or deficient.

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Chinese Herbs
Herbal Care

Homeopathy For Pets

Homeopathy is a natural, holistic system for healing that works by eliminating the underlying imbalance in a pet's body that is causing unwanted symptoms. In homeopathy, health is defined as not just the absence of symptoms, but a feeling of well-being and vitality.

The principles of homeopathy state that there are three possible outcomes of treatment: suppression, palliation, and cure.

  • Suppression gets rid of specific symptoms, but drives the disease into other channels by denying the body's expression of the original disease. Often, even though the most troubling symptom is gone, the patient feels worse overall.
  • Palliation means to alleviate symptoms; this is how aspirin treats pain. However, in palliation, the medicine needs to be repeated frequently. By treating only symptoms and not the whole individual, conventional medicine tends to be limited to the first two outcomes.
  • Cure, the only goal of homeopathy, means that the body eliminates the whole disease, not just symptoms, and rises to a state of optimum health.

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