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Shedding Tips

by Jean Hofve, DVM

For dogs and cats, shedding is a normal part of life. Their fur, like our hair, is always growing. Individual hairs do go through a dormant phase, but there's so many of them you'll never notice! As the hairs age and die, new hairs start to grow and push the old ones out. These either come off completely (usually on your opposite-colored carpet), or get tangled up and create mats.

There are four main factors that affect when and how much a dog or cat will shed:

1. Breed. While it may seem contrary, long-haired breeds (Afghans, Setters, Persians) tend to shed less than short-haired pets, because it takes so long to grow out that lush coat. Short-haired breeds constantly grow new hair, and push out old hairs that love to slip into furniture, food, you name it!

There are different types of coats, depending on breed. One is a single layer with little or no undercoat; these are the lowest-shedding types.

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Spring Cleaning - Save 15%

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Earth Friendly Pet Wipes
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Leba III Dental Spray
Unique, advanced-formula herbal dental spray for pets that removes tartar & prevents future buildup on the teeth.
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Bass Brushes Wire Small (A8)
Made with earth-friendly bamboo featuring a variety of types & styles: Combo, All Wire, Boar, Slicker and fine, wide or long/short Combs
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Dr. Harvey's Organic Healing Cream
All purpose skin & first aid ointment contains only the finest natural ingredients known to promote healing. Useful for ALL animals.
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HappyTails Itchin' For Relief Spray
Itchin' For Relief All Natural Targeted Anti-Itch Spray is a soothing formula that penetrates through the fur directly to irritated skin.
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TrueBlue Safe & Sure Eye Wipes
Eliminates unsightly tear stains! These wipes are gental & pre-moistened with an all-natural, botanical cleansing solution.
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Cloud Star Buddy Wash Shampoo Rosemary & Mint 16 oz
Made from pure, natural ingredients including botanical extracts to heal, soothe, moisturize and rejuvenate. Safe for use on puppies.
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Ark Naturals Eyes So Bright
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