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From Infestation to Preservation, Fighting Fleas is Safe & Simple!

Spring is a great time to be a pet owner…unfortunately it's a great time to be a flea as well! With a mild winter behind us and the weather getting warmer, fleas are already making their presences known; just check out this St. Louis newscast. But with a well-planned, multi-faceted approach, you can provide your pets natural flea protection that's effective on fleas and safe for pets, humans, and the environment! Using Dr. Jean's Natural Approach to Flea Control and 10% off Only Natural Pet's top five flea products (use coupon code FEARSOME5), you can control fleas everywhere, from your pet to your lawn.

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Breed Spotlight plus trusted advice.

Holistic Healthcare Library
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Breed Story
Lori and Steve's inspiring Boxer story!

New Products
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Natural Pet Corner

Breed Spotlight:
Labrador Retriever

Because of their even temperament and trainability, Labradors Retrievers are the most popular dog breed in the United States. Labs are people-oriented dogs, always ready for a jog, a hike or an endless game of fetch. Labs are reliable, willing and patient—a true best friend. They're eager to please, are family friendly, and have a fun loving, easy-going temperament.

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Breed Spotlight:
Siamese Cat

Certainly among the most distinct breeds, the Siamese originated in Thailand, and the name translates to 'moon diamond'. Legend has it that they keep away evil spirits and bring good luck to their owners. They were often seen around and in temples and royal households. This is a very popular breed in Europe and North America, largely due to their social personality, inquisitive nature, playfulness, intelligence, and affection. Their sleek lines, striking color contrast, chiseled aristocratic heads, deep blue eyes, and short silky coats are a type of living art.

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Storm Phobia in Pets
Phobias are excessive, unreasonable and intense fears of objects or situations that usually pose little or no actual danger. In the case of storm phobias, pets display both nervous and behavioral signs that may worsen as a storm intensifies. Nervous phobia signs include one or more of panting, shaking, dilated pupils, excessive salivation, and loss of bladder control, bowel control, or both.

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Holistic Healthcare Library
The Natural Approach to Flea Control

Fleas! Everyone hates these blood-sucking parasites. Our war against fleas is epic and ongoing, but each of us must fight our own individual battles. At Only Natural Pet Store, we want to give you the best weapons: only what works, and only what is safe for you, your pets, and the environment.

There are three fronts in every battle against fleas: the pet(s), the home, and the outdoor environment. But before we sound the battle cry, we need to know our enemy.

Fleas have a number of strategic advantages in this war:

1. Masters of Maneuvers – Fleas are tiny, hard-shelled insects with incredible muscle power in their hind legs; they can jump 4-5 feet horizontally (or nearly a foot straight up). They're fast. They're adaptable. And they're hard to kill.

2. Stormtrooper Mentality – Fleas come with three basic marching orders, or biological imperatives: to survive, to eat, and to reproduce. They are entirely devoted to these orders. And they are very, very good at all of them. They are especially good at reproducing; an adult female lays about 20 eggs at a time. In her lifetime (depending on conditions, up to 1-1/2 years), she may produce hundreds, even thousands of eggs.

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My 10-year-old collie was just diagnosed with lymphoma. Her vet has (predictably) prescribed chemo, but I would prefer to treat her with diet and supplements -- I have been researching online, but can't seem to find a conclusive response to the success of any kind of treatment. Can you share any information or suggestions? My entire family is devastated by this news, and I am anxious to fight this disease in any way we can.

Thank you for visiting Only Natural Pet Store. I am sorry you are facing such a tough diagnosis with your dog. We can give you some general recommendations from Dr. Siegler for immune boosting supplements, but for a thorough cancer fighting protocol we do recommend you contact a holistic veterinarian.

Here are some basic suggestions:

Diet is the foundation of good health and this is the most important thing you can do for him. We recommend you read What You Need to Know About Your Pet's Food in our Articles Section.

Select ONE of the following immune support supplements:

Only Natural Pet Immune Strengthener is a powerful immune support complex that includes medicinal mushrooms, antioxidants and Cat's Claw along with other herbs to help with chronic disease and cancer.


CAS Options by Genesis Resources is an immune building supplement that includes mushrooms and antioxidants that have been shown to boost the immune system.

In addition to the immune support supplement provide a good antioxidant complex such as Seven Forest's Quercenol. NOTE: Antioxidants are controversial with some oncologists, so check with yours before ordering.

Cellular Forte by PhytoPharmica is another good supplement for fighting cancer and boosting immunity and can be given in addition to the others.

Only Natural Pet B.S.S.T. Herbal Formula is based on the widely used Essiac Formula that has been shown to be helpful in many types of cancer.

Consider adding 4-Life Transfer factor, a powerful immune support formula, to your dog's regimen.

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Lori & Steve's Boxer Story

From longtime customers,
Lori & Steve:

"So after over 30 yrs of marriage and only cats as pets, we decided to adopt a boxer from a local rescue organization. Our daughter's boyfriend has a brindle male and we thought this was the perfect breed for our situation. We brought 2 yr old Maggs home on 10/29/2010, who had been produced in a puppy mill, discarded and found as a stray, and then housed in a shelter for 6 months. She had already produced at least one litter of puppies. Unfortunately, she was diagnosed with lymphoma shortly afterwards. I am a nutrition educator, and feeling that she couldn't do much to help Maggs, our original vet referred us to one who does some alternative treatment with chinese medicine and accupuncture. I took Maggs off of all grains and prepared most of her food at home. I also added a number of nutritional supplements."

Read the Rest of the Story Here

Nature's Variety Raw Chicken Chubs 5 lbs
2 and 5 pound raw diet chubs containing 95% freshly ground USDA meat, fresh, natural fruits & vegetables and cold processed Norwegian virgin salmon oil.
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Orijen Regional Red Dry Dog Food 15.4 lb.
Replicates the same rich & diverse balance of fresh meats, fruits, vegetables & grasses a dog would encounter in their natural environment.
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Jax & Bones Dog Bed Small Square Hera (SS)
Made from certified recycled fabric and filled with 100% eco-friendly poly fiber, these pet beds are environmentally safe.
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Bionic Ball Dog Toy
Looks like those aggressive chewers and players have finally met their match...in tennis ball size!
Was $11.99
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Tiki Cat Canned Cat Queen Emma Variety Pack 2.8 oz Case 12
Premium wild-caught seafood for cats! Made with the highest quality, human grade, whole seafood ingredients. 9 delicious flavors.
Was $17.99
Now $16.19

Only Natural Pet Bully Wrapped Shin Bone Single
2 to 3 inch, all natural, grass fed cow shin bone with a 12 inch bully wrapped around it, ushering in a new era of chewing!
Was $6.99
Now $6.29

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