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Only Natural Pet Free Range Bully Stick 6 in
From Brazilian free-range cattle these 100% natural bully sticks come in regular, extra thick & braided styles - great for serious chewers.
Was $2.79 Now $2.37

Great product!
Probably the best thing I've ever bought for those doggies. We have 3 big dogs. Every night, they get one of these bully sticks. They are great because they are all natural and healthy. They LOVE them. I will continue to buy them and would recommend them to anyone.
- By Tracy from Columbus, Ohio
Primal Pet Foods Raw Dog Chicken Nuggets 4 lbs.
Developed to directly mimic the diet of canines in the wild. Antibiotic & Hormone Free Meat for superior levels of amino & essential fatty acids
Was $22.99 Now $19.54

The best out there!
Primal is the way to go. I don't have enough positive words to describe the overall benefits of this product. I have 3 rambunctious boxers, aged 7 months – 5 years. They have great health, skin, coat, eyes and have thrived on eating raw. I rotate with different flavors. They love them all!
- By Robbyn the Boxer Lover from San Diego, CA
Only Natural Pet EasyRaw Turkey & Sweet Potato 2 lbs.
Our natural formulas with USDA meats & sweet potato are the easy way to feed raw food, the ultimate in healthy nutrition. Just mix with water & serve!
Was $19.99 Now $16.99

This has been a consistently great food- even tolerated by my 10 yr. old dog that has Irritable Bowel Syndrome! It's very convenient when you travel with your pup since it's so easy to prepare and doesn't need refrigeration. You would not believe how good it smells when you add water-like a homemade soup!!
- By Sandy from Southern California
West Paw Organic Bumper Bed XS Basil (SS)
Sensitive to the earth? So is this bed! Organic cotton cover fabric is stuffed with recycled fiber fill made from recycled plastic bottles.
Was $71.99 Now $61.19

Loves it!
I barely got this out of the box and our 70-pound Lab/Akita mix was jumping into it and wagging his tail. He knew immediately it was his and he loves spending afternoons snoring and curled up inside donut-style. He's a happy puppy and that makes us happy - thanks West Paw!
- By Odie's Mom from Northern California
Only Natural Pet Pure Salmon Oil Dog & Cat 8.75 oz.
An excellent source of Omega-3 essential fatty acids, important for skin and coat health.
Was $12.99 Now $11.04

Good Quality
It must taste pretty good because my Shepherd/Lab mix gobbles up her food quickly since we have been using this. I also noticed she isn't itching as much which is one reason I was interested in this product. Her black coat is shiny and beautiful!
- By Medley's mom from South Florida
Innova Dry Dog Food Large Bites 15 lbs.
A dry dog food that provides complete and balanced canine nutrition using human-grade ingredients. Regular and small breed sized kibble.
Was $30.99 Now $26.34

My Scheltie loves it!!
My vet told me to switch my 9-month-old sheltie to an adult dog food and recommended Innova Small Bites. Sophie loves it!!! Her coat is soft and shiny. She experienced NO intestinal problems switching from her old dog food. I would highly recommend Innova Small Bites dog food!!!
- By Dogs Rule from Omaha, NE
Only Natural Pet All Meat Bites Chicken 2.5 oz.
100% free-range, human grade meat in chicken, beef, or bison. Use them to spoil your pet or crumble them on food for extra flavor & nutrition.
Was $12.99 Now $11.04

My dogs love chicken!
My dogs love chicken so it's no surprise that this is their favorite treat. The only thing I can do better than this is buy fresh chicken breast from the store, and grill it up myself for them, but All Meat Bites are much simpler and cheaper than that.
- By Love my Pitties from Philadelphia, PA
Planet Dog Orbee-Tuff Glow for Good Ball
Glow-in-the-dark, doggie-durable, buoyant, bouncy, minty, recyclable, non-toxic, rinses clean and not to mention darn fun!
Was $9.99 Now $8.49

Fabulous toy!!!!!
Highly recommended! We go to the park and every dog loves this ball. The minty-ness and softness of the ball makes it very easy for every sized dog to play with. Added bonus: donation to charity.
- By Terry's Mom from New York, NY
Only Natural Pet Immune Strengthener
A holistic blend of natural vitamins, herbs, and other co-factors to provide immune system support to dogs and cats.
Was $25.49 Now $21.67

I am thrilled with this product! My cat, Sammy, was diagnosed FIP positive as a kitten and given a year to live - long story short, now he's 12! Two years ago Sammy had a scary bout of vomiting and diarrhea. I started Only Natural Pet Immune Strengthener in combination with other treatments. He's not only been super healthy, he's playful as a kitten! I'm very happy with the results!
- By Bobbie Marie Smith from Livermore, CA
Weruva Cats In The Kitchen Mack Jack & Sam 3 oz.
Features wild caught, free range, gluten free, bone free meats. Cruelty & BPA free, dolphin safe and free of added hormones.
Was $1.49 Now $1.27

My cats LOVE this food.
I got this food as a sample and gave it to one of my very picky cats. I was completely shocked when the bowl was licked clean. I have tried for years to get my cats to eat human grade, high quality cat food with no success. But they LOVE this food and can't get enough of it. Thank you Weruva!
- By blueskyatnight from Belvidere, NJ
Genesis Resources CAS Options Dog Supplement
A blend of Reishi, Maitake & Shiitake mushrooms and antioxidants found in Coenzyme Q-10, Green Tea and Selenium for immune support in dogs.
Was $59.99 Now $50.99

Great Product!
My dog was diagnosed with Stage 2 Hemangiosarcoma in May of this year. After chemo we looked for alternative options to keep her as comfortable as possible. After starting on CAS Options she has her spunk back, and seems to be her old self again. She will get this for the rest of her life!
- By Anka's Mom from Ft. Lauderdale , FL
Rad Cat Raw Cat Food Diet Turkey 8 oz.
All-natural, complete, and balanced raw diet formulated exclusively for the domestic feline carnivore.
Was $5.99 Now $5.09

Paw Lickin Good!
I have been feeding a raw diet to my pets for a while now, and it's nice to finally find a good raw cat food. Raw food specifically designed for cats is hard to find. Thank you Rad Cat! My little boy loves this stuff! He gets all three varieties and would get more if it were available.
- By Vivian from Clovis, NM
Hidden Gems - Products you're sure to love!
Only Natural Pet Fresh Kisses Dog Biscuits 1 lb.
These breath and tarter biscuits are great for plaque control, better dental health and fighting that bad doggie breath.
Was $9.99 Now $8.49

Love it!
My 10-month-old, Jindo (Korean Breed) Puppy loves it. I started feeding them when he was 5 months old. I give them after meals or as a treat. He loves them and his teeth are clean, white, bright, and shinny. His breath smells sweet, too.
- By Tory the Jindo from Homestead, FL
Only Natural Pet Omega 3-6-9 Dog & Cat 90 Gelcaps
An advanced multi-fatty acid supplement for dogs and cats in a soft gel capsule with a blend of natural fish, borage, and flaxseed oils.
Was $28.99 Now $24.64

Actually helps!
I use it for my cats' coats and for one kitty who has several GI problems. It reduces inflammation and helps immensely w/ diarrhea and vomiting - even furballs.
- By Jane Doe from Lincoln, NE
Chasing Our Tails Smoked Marrow Bone Small
Sourced from GRASS-FED Maine & Vermont Cattle. Lightly brined with NO other additives or preservatives.
Was $5.99 Now $5.09

A big hit!
My little fur babies (14 lbs. and 18 lbs.) love these bones. They keep them busy and must taste great! A real hit. We will keep these stocked up. Time for stocking stuffers!
- By Alicia from H
Only Natural Pet Chinese Herbal Blends Bladder
Formulated to clear heat & dampness, support the process of dissolving crystals, and help calm conditions leading to urgency and leaking.
Was $26.99 Now $22.94

Chinese Herbal Blends are a Blessing!
Excellent product for my five year old Bichon Frise! The x-ray showed ten small bladder stones and several tiny ones. Poohbear has been using this product over a week. She has eliminated several dissolving soft stones and she is on her way to recovery, without surgery. Thanks!
- By Poohbear the Pet from Palm Springs. CA
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