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5 Great Tips for the
4th of July Jitters

from Mountain Dog Mission
  1. The most important thing with fearful dogs - do NOT coddle them. Petting them and saying "It's ok" is exactly the wrong thing to do. They hear: "It's ok, be scared." Instead, try engaging with them and work on basic obedience. If your dog is not responding to any of these tips, truly, the best thing to do is ignore him. He will see that no one else is fussed about the commotion, so he shouldn't be either!

  2. Do not underestimate the power of a Thundershirt. Many places are willing to take these back if they are not effective with your pup, so ask before you buy it. We have seen them make a big difference when worn tightly and combined with a couple other techniques!

  3. Try Bach Rescue Remedy Flower Essences and/or other natural calming aids. You can also put a few drops of Lavender oil on a nervous pup's tummy - this has a very natural calming effect.

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Our Partner:
Mountain Dog Mission

A local Colorado company, Mountain Dog Mission runs expert training programs and offers rescue and rehabilitation services. Sarah and Liz are proud to welcome even the most unruly dogs, and are devoted to rescuing and rehabilitating shelter dogs and strays as well as "problem" pets.

Only Natural Pet Store is proud to partner with Mountain Dog Mission! Beyond donating food and supplements, many of the staff foster dogs from the rescue program, and the Boulder Store hosts adoption fairs for rehabilitated dogs.

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