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With summer thunderstorms, crowded BBQs, and fireworks around the corner, your pet's stress levels could sky rocket. Avoid unhappy, anxious animals and worried pet parents by helping your pet stay calm and collected. This special combination of homeopathic ingredients is an essential tool for coping with all forms of environmental and behavioral stress.

Developed by our holistic veterinarian, Dr. Jean Hofve, Only Natural Pet Stress & Anxiety Homeopathic Remedy is a safe, effective remedy for use with pets exhibiting nervousness and anxious behavior.


Read for Yourself...

"Wonder drug for dogs!!"
-Marge from Mundelein, IL

"This product has changed my dog's life! She is older and occasionally loses some control over her hind limbs on our tile floors. She would have a full-blown anxiety attack whenever this happened, sometimes lasting for hours. Since we began using this product, she has not 'freaked out' even once! My dog, and my family, are so grateful for this amazing product!" .

"This item makes a difference!"
-Mo from Los Angeles

"My cat was experiencing anxiety as my puppy became a bit aggressive while going through the "terrible teens" stage (approx. months 5 - 10). My wonderful cat stopped eating completely and became afraid of her one-time buddy. This remedy definitely has helped. Thanks!"

"Finally something that works!"
-Quick the terrier from Dallas, TX

"Our terrier gets overly excited whenever we travel or have guests. I've tried at least 8 other remedies for this type of anxiety. About 10 drops of this a few hours before our departure, or our guests' arrival, and it calms him down. What's great is that it doesn't knock him out and he's not groggy--just calm, yet still wide awake. Great product, in my opinion!"

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