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Billy (The Kid)

Billy (The Kid)

I'm a young pup that's ready for anything! I'm quick on the draw when it comes to anything that involves fun: play, eating, snuggling. Unfortunately, trouble is my middle name. This means I need forgiving toys, plenty of chews to keep me away from the shoes, and healthy treats for a growing body.


Billy the Kid's Wish List

Planet Dog Orbee-Tuff Coal Dog Toy

I Deserve This... Sorry About the Couch

Planet Dog Orbee-Tuff Coal Dog Toy

Sometimes a lump of coal is deserved, but how can you say no to those puppy dog eyes?

This ironic toy is a must for every naughty puppy this holiday season. Made from Planet Dog's nearly indestructible Orbee-Tough material, this dimpled, tennis ball sized "lump" can bounce, float, and roll. Plus, it features a minty scent to help with that doggy breath.


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Planet Dog Orbee-Tuff Holiday Bulb Red

I Need a Toy That Can Keep Up

Planet Dog Orbee-Tuff Holiday Bulb Red

With built in zigging & zagging on every throw, this festive toy flips, flops, floats, and entertains endlessly!

"I have been looking for a different 'indestructible' for my GSDs and at first I was skeptical but after reading all of the reviews I gave it a try. It was a major hit and is now one of their favorite toys. The best part is when it bounces you never know where it will go." - sharonclear from Chicago


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Chilly Dog Black Skull Sweater Small

I Have to Keep up the Bad Boy Image

Chilly Dog Black Skull Sweater Small

Made from fair trade sources, these stylish sweaters are a must for every dog that has an image to maintain.

"My 2 dobermans do not like NH winters, last week it was -30 degrees (with windshield factor) & these sweaters helped them go out on their own!" - Jessica from New Hampshire

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Only Natural Pet Free Range Bully Stick 6in 10 Pack

For a Tough Guy... a Tough Chew

Only Natural Pet Bully Stick 6 Inch 10 Pack

I'm going to be chewing, so you might as well make it natural, healthy... and delicious!

"My dog gets one every morning after his breakfast - his special reward. Some days he saves it until dinner time, and brings it out from his hiding spot to chew while my husband and I eat dinner! I love that these are from free range cattle and are chemical free. The dog loves that they taste good. You can't beat the price!" - Samoyed Mom


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