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Casanova (The Charmer)

Casanova (The Charmer)

I'm a lover, not a hider. Whether I'm rubbing against your legs, getting belly scratches, or kneading your lap, I'm always the center of attention. If you want to stay in my good graces, you better makes sure you have plenty of my favorite treats, interactive toys, and as much love as you have.


Casanova's Wish List

Harry Barker Jingle Bell Collars Plaid X-Small

I Want to Jingle So You Know I'm Here

Harry Barker Jingle Bell Collars Plaid X-Small

This just isn't for the dogs with its soft velvet and its gentle elastic.

Let your cat get into the holiday spirit with these unique, soft, and festive collars. Perfect to plan for any attempted sneak attacks!

$5.99 X-Small Plaid Collar

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Halo Liv-A-Littles Freeze-Dried Meat Treats

All This Loving is Making Me Hungry

Halo Liv-A-Littles Freeze-Dried Chicken Treats

The perfect, healthy, single ingredient treat that your cat will absolutely love.

"Finally I found a healthy treat for my cats that they love to eat! I had tried to find a healthy treat to give my cats to get them off what I considered junk food treats, but never found any they loved as much until these." - Ten Cats


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Go-Cat Da Bird

If I'm Playing, You Are Too!

Go-Cat Da Bird

Possibly the best interactive cat toy ever, this is going to keep you as entertained as it will your cat.

"My girls play with it every day and they never get tired of it. They leap for it, run after it, and one of my cats likes to carry it away and collect. They love it." - Bonnie the Cat Lover


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Only Natural Pet Canine PowerFood Red Meat Feast 1 lb

  • Biologically appropriate, holistically formulated, grain-free nutrition for your dog
  • Made in the USA with the highest quality meats and low glycemic carbohydrates
  • Features our proprietary blend of freeze-dried, health elevating superfood ingredients
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Only Natural Pet Feline PowerPâté Turkey Trial

  • One 5.5 oz can of Turkey Pâté made with the highest quality ingredients available
  • Holistically formulated with human grade meats that are rich in protein, fat and amino acids, like taurine
  • Completely grain-free and made with NO carrageenan, potatoes, tapioca, guar gum or xanthan gum
Save 75%!