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Estelle (The Golden Girl)

Estelle (The Golden Girl)

They call them the golden years for a reason. I'm a faithful companion that loves every moment spent together, whether it's an evening on the couch or an autumn walk. I've seen plenty of tennis balls come and go, but the most important things for me are a delicious meal, a relaxing bed, and a soft toy for some gentle play.

Only Natural Pet Holiday Duck Biscuits

Estelle's Wish List

Cloud Star Holiday Buddy Biscuits

One of My Favorite Snacks

Cloud Star Holiday Buddy Biscuits

Shaped just like a gingerbread cookie and complete with that fresh from the oven crunch, these holiday treats have the taste, snap, and packaging that make a great present.

Just in time for the holiday season, these oven baked, crunchy treats are shaped just like a gingerbread cookie. And since they're from Cloud Star, you know they're made with amazing quality and care.


Cloud Star Holiday Buddy Biscuits

Only Natural Pet Easy Chew Bully Stick

A Soft Chew for My Soft Side

Only Natural Pet Easy Chew Bully Stick

These softer, yet satisfying bully chews, are natural, healthy, and ideal for seniors with sensitive mouths.

"Now that my dogs are approaching senior status, it takes 2 of my dogs a very long time to chew through a bully and the older of the 2 loses interest soon after I give them a bully. Now he puts up a little fuss when I take it from him. I will start buying just these bullies for my 2 older dogs." - gailgirl

Starting at $2.69

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OrganicPedic Organic Dog Bed Large

I Want My Extra Rest to Count

OrganicPedic Organic Dog Bed Large

A soft, spacious bed from organic materials; ideal for sleeping in or sneaking an extra nap.

"My dog loved this bed right away even though there was a much fluffier one beside it. She chooses this one every time for some reason! It's very easy to clean, very simple... my dog really does love it! And I like that it is "green.""


OrganicPedic Organic Dog Bed Large

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Only Natural Pet Canine PowerFood Poultry Feast 4.5lb

  • Biologically appropriate, holistically formulated, grain-free nutrition for your dog
  • Made in the USA with the highest quality poultry and low glycemic carbohydrates
  • "We transistioned to PowerFood a month ago and not only does our dog love it but the transition was very easy and no tummy problems. Even better - we're saving money feeding this great food. Thanks!!" - Denver Arthur, CO
Save 27%!

Only Natural Pet Feline PowerPâté 3 Pack Trial

  • One 5.5 oz can of each PowerPâté recipe made with the highest quality ingredients available
  • Holistically formulated with human grade meats that are rich in protein, fat and amino acids, like taurine
  • "My cats love this food, and it has made their coats lovely. I like that there is no grain, guar gum or carrageenan. It comes out the can cleanly. I know I am feeding my cats the best with this." - Jiggie's Mom, NY
Save 67%!

Only Natural Pet Chicken Apple Pie Dog Biscuits 1 lb Bag

  • 100% Grain-Free snacking with an amazing flavor will give your dog a tantalizing treat with plenty of natural goodness.
  • Made with human-grade ingredients, including garbanzo bean flour and organic eggs, these wholesome treats have nothing artificial.
  • "Delicious! These biscuits smell so good, you will be tempted to try one. They are crunchy and the dogs love them. Our new everyday biscuit." - fostermom, Falls Church, VA
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Only Natural Pet EcoToys Wild Cat Catnip 1 oz Jar

  • 100% organic catnip hand picked in small batches to ensure optimal quality and potency.
  • Ideal for rejuvenating older toys that have lost their appeal, spicing up a forgotten scratcher, or just sprinkling on the floor for some much needed rolling around.
  • "Happy Cat! My cats LOVE their catnip. Two paws up!!!" - Cat Lady, Phoenixville, PA
Save 33%!