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Huggy Bear

Huggy Bear (The Cuddlebug)

What's good for the pup is good for the pack; that's why I stick as close as your shadow. Whether we're sitting on the sofa or walking on the trail, I like to be close and I love contact. This means you need plenty of treats nearby, toys must be for both of us, and you better be prepared for plenty of puppy hair on your clothes.

Only Natural Pet Holiday Duck Biscuits

Huggy Bear's Wish List

Only Natural Pet Sedgwick the Snowman Rope Toy

Second Best Cuddler...After You

Only Natural Pet Sedgwick the Snowman

Made with all natural materials & a soft exterior, this snowman is perfect for a warm snuggle.

"This rope toy was cute and quite the hit for our small breed and humans alike. Our Havanese is a tenacious chewer and loves to play tug as well, so everyone at the party took turns playing with him and this toy" - Red


Only Natural Pet Sedgwick the Snowman Rope Toy

Only Natural Pet Holiday Duck Biscuits

The Perfect Treat for Your Best Friend

Only Natural Pet Holiday Duck Biscuitsg

All natural and wholesome, these festive, savory duck treats feature sweet cranberry and a hint of mint.

"My dogs absolutely love these biscuits ..I bought the 3 pack and I have just re-ordered a second 3 pack ..I have 3 dogs and they are smaller so the size is perfect ..and the ingredients are healthy ..I know they are packaged as holiday treats but I hope they will continue offering these biscuits even after the holiday ..if not I will have some sad doggies ...LOL" - #1Pitlover


Only Natural Pet Holiday Duck Biscuits

Only Natural Pet Organic Grooming Shampoo & Conditioner

A Serious Snuggle Demands a Soft Coat

Only Natural Pet Organic Grooming Shampoo & Conditioner

Made with organic materials & packed with skin nourishing ingredients, this 16 oz bottle kit is a cuddlebug constant.

"My Australian Shepherd puppy's coat is the softest and cleanest I've ever seen. I keep running my fingers through his fur because I can't believe how incredible he feels and that I was able to get these results by myself at home! Truly wonderful product." - Lucy & Jordan


Only Natural Pet Organic Grooming Shampoo & ConditionerView Product Page ›

Furminator deShedding Tool Long Hair Medium

To Keep Your Cuddle Spot Hair Free

Fur-Zoff Environmentally-Friendly Pet Hair Removal Product

"We have 3 dogs, 2 Labs, 1 German Shepherd. And yup, we have dog hair running around that used to be attached to the dogs! This little item picked up hair that has been stuck in chairs for years. I just made a little pile of the newly liberated hair, then used a hand vac to scoop it up. Fantastic! I am ordering another one." - Lab Lover


Fur-Zoff Environmentally-Friendly Pet Hair Removal ProductView Product Page ›

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Only Natural Pet Canine PowerFood 1 lb 3 Pack Trial

  • Biologically appropriate, holistically formulated, grain-free nutrition for your dog
  • Made in the USA with the highest quality meat and fish and low glycemic carbohydrates
  • "We transistioned to PowerFood a month ago and not only does our dog love it but the transition was very easy and no tummy problems. Even better - we're saving money feeding this great food. Thanks!!" - Denver Arthur, CO
Save 48%!

Only Natural Pet Feline PowerFood Fish + Fowl Dry Food 1 lb Trial

  • Biologically appropriate, grain-free recipe that features whole, fresh ingredients and our proprietary PowerBoost blend of super food ingredients
  • Holistically formulated with high-quality meats that are rich in protein, fat and amino acids, like taurine
  • "My cats love the taste and I love that this food is all natural, with no artificial ingedients. Also, no grains, meal, or by-products. I am happy to have a food I can feel good about giving my cats, that is truly good for them, and they love to eat!" - L.E. Santa Cruz, CA
Save 50%!

Only Natural Pet EasyRaw Dehydrated Dog Food Turkey 2 lb Bag

  • Simply soak and serve to give your dog all of the amazing health benefits and incredible flavor of raw food, without all the hassle.
  • Made with human-grade ingredients, including freeze-dried turkey, low-glycemic sweet potatoes, and nutrient-rich broccoli, apples, pumpkin, and cranberries.
  • "Wonderful food! This is a wonderful food for animals-natural, healthy, palatable. It solves dilemmas about doing the totally raw diet! Thank you for formulating and selling this!" - forest gardener, forest city twp, ME
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Only Natural Pet EcoToys Wild Cat Catnip 1 oz Jar

  • 100% organic catnip hand picked in small batches to ensure optimal quality and potency.
  • Ideal for rejuvenating older toys that have lost their appeal, spicing up a forgotten scratcher, or just sprinkling on the floor for some much needed rolling around.
  • "Happy Cat! My cats LOVE their catnip. Two paws up!!!" - Cat Lady, Phoenixville, PA
Save 17%!