A Heartwarming Story About Maggs, the Boxer

by Lori & Steve, happy customers of Only Natural Pet

So after over 30 yrs of marriage and only cats as pets, we decided to adopt a boxer from a local rescue organization.  Our daughter's boyfriend has a brindle male and we thought this was the perfect breed for our situation.  We brought 2 yr old Maggs home on 10/29/2010, who had been produced in a puppy mill, discarded and found as a stray, and then housed in a shelter for 6 months.  She had already produced at least one litter of puppies.  Unfortunately, she was diagnosed with lymphoma shortly afterwards.  I am a nutrition educator, and feeling that she couldn't do much to help Maggs, our original vet referred us to one who does some alternative treatment with Chinese medicine and acupuncture.  I took Maggs off of all grains and prepared most of her food at home.  I also added a number of nutritional supplements.

Maggs lived 15 months from the day we brought her home.  But during that time, she actually had a hearty appetite, put on weight, and learned to jump in the air to catch a ball.  She showed no signs of being sick.  When she did decline, it was very quick - over about a 3 week period as her red blood cell production declined.  I told my husband when she died that she would send another needy pup our way.

So five days later, we saw a story on our local news about a young boxer that was thrown, purposefully, out of a moving pickup truck in a nearby town (!!).  Another discarded boxer.  There was some minor head trauma and scrapes, but luckily no broken bones.  A follow up newspaper article said Bounce, as they named her because she "bounced" on the street (!!) would be adoptable.  Although we hadn't planned on adopting again for a few months, we were compelled to apply for her adoption.  We were told that a lottery would be held because they had received over 70 applications for adoption.  And our application was chosen.  The news media was there when we picked her up and it was a big, heartwarming story.  We changed her name to Bella (she's about a year old and beautiful brindle) and she is now living the life of a princess with healthy food, cushy pillows, and plenty of room to run and explore.  She is so sweet and loving, and we know our Maggs sent her our way.

This is the story that appeared in the newspaper:

Our vet says that, other than a slight heart murmur that we're supporting with diet and supplements, she's healthy with no physical restrictions.  We are so amazed that despite all odds against these two precious dogs, Maggs lived the rest of her life active and happy, and Bella will live a long and healthy life.  But, of course, we still ask ourselves:  who rescued whom??!

Lori and Steve K.


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