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Amber Technology Kocci Free

Kocci Free 1 oz

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For cats and dogs.

Amber Technology Nutraceuticals for Pets Kocci Free is an organic, all-natural dietary supplement that is high in antioxidants and is formulated to maintain your pet’s immune system as it overcomes Coccidiosis (also known as Coccidia)!

What is Coccidia (Coccidiosis)?

Coccidia are small protozoa (one-celled organisms) that live in the lining of the intestinal tracts of dogs and cats, most commonly in kittens and puppies, but can be found in older pets as well. Animals will start to show symptoms when the immune system is suppressed by a change in diet or atmosphere, they are contracting an illness, they are stressed, or in other ways.

Most Coccidia are of the genus called Isospora. Isospora canis and Isospora ohioensis are the species most often encountered in dogs; Isospora felis and Isospora rivolta are the most common in cats. Regardless of which species is present, it is generally refered to the as Coccidiosis (or Coccidia). As a puppy or kitten ages it tends to develop a natural immunity to the effects of Coccidia. As an adult it may carry Coccidia in its intestines, shed the cysts in the feces, but experience no ill effects.

Available in 1 oz. bottle

Country of Origin: USA

Manufacturer: Amber Technology

Shipping Weight: 0.1

Ingredients - Olive Leaf, Mustard Seed, Black Seed, Pau D’arco, Cloves, Grapefruit Seed Extract, Jatoba, Ethyl Alcohol, Distilled Water

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