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Ark Naturals No Stains "Fur" Me for Tears and Paws 2.2 oz

No Stains "Fur" Me 2.2 oz

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For cats and dogs.

Does your pet suffer from unsightly tear stains? Try Ark Naturals No Stains "Fur" Me supplement for dogs and cats.

Tear stains or stains on your pet's paws is caused by excessive moisture caused by tearing or licking. Damp pet hair then becomes a perfect host for bacteria and yeast growth, yielding in the stains your see on your pet's coat. Ark Naturals No Stains "Fur" Me is an all-natural supplement designed to boost your pet's immune system and help control the growth of bacteria and yeast which causes the stains. This formulation was developed by Holistic Veterinarian and features ingredients such as Olive Lead Extract, Pau d'Arco and Oregon Graph Root. No Stains "Fur" Me contains no pharmaceuticals or antibiotics and is manufactured in the USA.

Ark Naturals No Stains "Fur" Me

  • All-natural formula designed to eliminate tear and paw stains
  • Boosts pet immune system
  • Helps control bacteria and yeast growth responsible for stains
  • No antibiotics or pharmaceuticals
  • Made in the USA

Help get rid of the tear stains - naturally. Try Ark Naturals No Stains "Fur" Me supplement for pets.

Available in 2.2oz canister in powder form.

Country of Origin: USA

Manufacturer: Ark Naturals

Shipping Weight: 0.25


Active :
  • Olive Leaf Extract - 36mg
  • Pau d’ Arco - 36mg
  • Vitamin C (calcium ascorbate) - 36mg
  • Oregon Grape Root - 36mg
  • Exclzyme Pet- 10mg
Inactive Ingredients:
  • Chicken Flavor (natural)
  • Rice concentrate
  • Stevia


Removes stains around eyes and stains on paws. Use enclosed scoop. Sprinkle No Stains “Fur” Me on pet’s food or let them lick off scoop.

  • 5 lbs and under – ½ scoop per day
  • 6 to 10 lbs – 1 scoop per day
  • 11 to 50 lbs – 1 ½ scoops per day
  • 50 lbs and over – 2 scoops per day

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