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FleaVac Flea Control Pellets

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For cats and dogs.

The FleaVac Kill Pellets

FleaVac spent nearly a year in research to create an all natural, safe and environmentally responsible solution for treating fleas in your home. The results were amazing! By using bentonite clay mixed with essential oils, they were able to create a formula that was not only safe but highly effective, killing 100% of the fleas inside the vacuum. These results were tested and verified by an independent laboratory that specializes in entomology research. The way it works is that fleas breathe through their pores and the clay breaks up into veryfine particles that get into the pores, delivering the oils into the fleas.

FleaVac's formula is so safe that it qualified under the FIFRA Act allowing them to to sell their products without a Federal EPA registration. They register in all 50 states but the ingredients are considered so low toxic that no Federal EPA testing is required.

The FleaVac Advantages include:

  • All natural – does not expose pets to toxins.
  • Use as often as needed – kill pellets do not deteriorateover time.
  • Kills all 4 stages of the flea life cycle: Adult, Eggs,Larvae, and Pupae.
  • An affordable and effective way to treat your pets.
  • Remains effective in your vacuum until you change the bag or empty the bag or chamber.

Available as a Kill Pellet puck 6 pack.

Country of Origin: USA

Manufacturer: FleaVac

FleaVac Kill Pellets

Active Ingredients - Geraniol .8%, Mint Oil .8%, Cedar Oil 3%

Inactive Ingredients - Sodium Lauryl Sulfate .15%

Inert Ingredients - Bentonite, Water – 97.95%

Suggested Use

It's as easy as 1-2-3!

  1. Suction FeaVac's all natural, eco-friendly kill pellet puck into your vacuum.
  2. Attach FealVac attachment hose to your vacuum.
  3. Vacuum your pet by running your hand through your pet's fur exposing the base of the hair follicles and fleas.

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