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Kyjen Treat Triad Plastic Treat Puzzle Dog Toy

The Treat Triad

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Your dog is smart... now it's time for her to use those brains by getting her treats out of the multi-functional Kyjien Treat Triad Puzzle Toy.

The Kyjien Treat Triad has several layers that need to be uncovered for your dog to get to the delicious treats inside. Starting with the top spinner, your pooch needs to use her nose to spin it around and unlock the three treat covers. Once those are unlocked, your dog needs to then figure out how to lift the covers and expose the treats you've hidden in the chambers.

The task is challenging, but the reward is scrumptious!

The Kyjen Treat Triade:

  • Dishwasher Safe
  • Shatterproof - it will bend & compress, but never shard
  • Made from FDA & EU approved food grade plastics
  • A tough, rewarding puzzle for your pup!

Let your dog exercise her problem solving skills while working for her treat thanks to the Kyjen Treat Triad!

Available in red and measuring 4" tall, 10" wide & 10" long.

About Kyjen

Kyjen is a Colorado company that designs and creates toys, games, puzzles, travel products and other quality dog products at fair prices. They have a passion for dogs, and feel that our four legged friends deserve fun, functional products; products that last longer and challenge their minds and instincts so they can be happy and healthy, which in turn enriches all of our lives!

Country of Origin: China

Manufacturer: Kyjen

Shipping Weight: 0.75

Directions for Use

Simply insert your dog's favorite treat directly into the chambers and it becomes a puzzle ready to be solved!

Please supervise your pet closely while using this toy. It is not intended as a chew toy.

Directions for Cleaning

The Kibble Drop is dishwasher safe. Simply run it with your regular dish washing load.

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