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NatureSPA Pet Water Fountain

NatureSPA Pet Water Fountain

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Replacement Charcoal Filters (Set of 4)

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Let your cat and dog enjoy the health giving power of pure, clean, fresh drinking water with NatureSPA Pet Water Fountain.

In nature, your pet would seek out running water to drink, knowing that the movement helps filter, aerate, and freshen the drinking water. NatureSPA Pet Water Fountain mimics this natural feature in your very own home! This amazing, BPA free fountain sets up easy and allows your pet to seek out fresh drinking water anytime during the day.

The whisper quiet pump on the NatureSPA Pet Water Fountain is powered with an AC adapter and allows for the relaxing, attractive power of flowing water to take center stage as it cycles water through a premium charcoal filter which freshens taste, removes impurities, and keeps your pets healthy and hydrated. This is incredibly helpful for cats, which can suffer chronic dehydration.

NatureSPA Pet Water Fountain

  • Naturally attracts animals to the sound of running water
  • High quality, replaceable charcoal filter
  • Completely BPA free
  • Whisper quiet, submersible pump won't scare pets unlike other fountains
  • Ideal for chronic dehydration and fresh, healthy drinking water

Fresh, clean, delicious drinking water for your pet has never been easier thanks to the NatureSPA Pet Water Fountain.

Each fountain holds 1.7 liters and comes with a FREE premium charcoal filter.

Country of Origin: China

Manufacturer: NatureSPA

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