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Only Natural Pet Pure Krill & Cod Liver Oil Blend

Krill & Cod Liver Blend 8 oz Bottle Single

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Krill & Cod Liver Blend 8 oz Bottle 3 Pack

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Discover the amazing health benefits and pure nutrition of sustainably harvested, essential fatty acid and antioxidant rich Only Natural Pet Pure Krill & Cod Liver Oil Blend.

Unparalleled Health Benefits

Only Natural Pet Pure Krill & Cod Liver Oil Blend is a daily supplement specially formulated to deliver optimal essential fatty acid nutrition for your dog and cat. High in naturally occurring essential fatty acids, including the Omega 3's DHA and EPA, this highly palatable oil promotes cardiovascular health and brain development, as well as supports a healthy inflammation response and immune system.

Krill oil also naturally contains the powerful antioxidant astaxanthin, which fights free radicals, maintains healthy joints and mobility, and supports a healthy inflammation response. This also supports a stable shelf life for krill oil and guards against oxidation of the fragile omega 3 fatty acids.

These nutrients combine to create one of the most powerful and beneficial supplements you can give to your pet. Simply add 1 to 2 teaspoons to your pet's food daily for optimal health and wellness.

Concentrated, Highly Bioavailable Omega 3's

Essential fatty acids, including Omega 3's, like DHA and EPA, cannot be created by our pet's bodies, so they must be obtained from food sources. Only Natural Pet Pure Krill & Cod Liver Oil Blend is one of the most bioavailable sources of essential fatty acids - up to 2.5 times more so than the leading fish oil. This superior bioavailabilty allows for greater absorption of essential fatty acids, meaning less oil goes further towards benefiting your pet's health and wellness.

The power of this absorption lies in krill oil's unique, naturally occurring phospholipids. Unlike fish oils, which rely on free triglycerides to deliver essential fatty acids, phospholipids deliver the omega 3's directly into your pet's cells, not only increasing bioavailability, but also efficacy, allowing your pet the same benefits with less oil.

Truly Pure Source of Essential Fatty Acids

Unlike larger fish, which are higher up the food chain, krill does not accumulate heavy metals, like mercury. This means Only Natural Pet Pure Krill & Cod Liver Oil Blend is a pure form of oil. To better ensure purity and the safety of your pet, we regularly test this product by third party testing companies and it has been certified to contain no detectable levels of toxins or heavy metals.

Sustainably Harvested from Pristine Waters

Only Natural Pet Pure Krill & Cod Liver Oil Blend is in compliance with Friend of the Sea sustainability requirements. This includes less than 0.5% of the biomass fished, less than 8% discard rate, and absolutely NO vulnerable species are endangered by the fishing practices. To better ensure sustainability, there is a vessel by vessel audit as well as a company by company audit.

Available in an 8 oz bottle with a no drip lid as a single or a three pack.

Only Natural Pet brand products are 100% Guaranteed!

Country of Origin: Iceland

Manufacturer: Only Natural Pet

Ingredients* - Cod Liver Oil, Krill Oil, Vitamin E
*This krill & cod liver oil is tested regularly for purity by licensed third party testing companies and has been certified to contain no detectable levels of toxins or heavy metals.

Guaranteed Analysis
Crude Fat (min) 99.0%
Moisture (max) 0.1%
Omega 3 Fatty Acids* 22.0%/880 mg
DHA* (min) 9.0%/420 mg
EPA* (min) 8.0%/380 mg
Vitamin A 3000 IU
Vitamin D 300 IU
Phospholipids 2.5%/95 mg
Astaxanthin 200 mcg
*Not recognized as an essential nutrient by the AAFCO Dog and Cat Nutrient Profiles

Recommended Use

Add to food daily.

Pet TypePet SizeServing Amount
DogUp to 10 lbs½ tsp
11 - 25 lbs1 tsp
26 - 50 lbs lbs1½ tsps
51 - 100 lbs2 tsps
100+ lbs3 tsps
Pet TypePet SizeServing Amount
CatUp to 10 lbs¼ tsp
10+ lbs½ tsp

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