Outdoor Adventure Dog Gear

Dogs are our best companions. So why should they stay at home while we’re off exploring? Dogs can be our trail pals, camping buddies, first mates, and co-pilots. Luckily we have everything you need to protect, nourish and entertain your pups on any adventure.

Only Natural Pet and Ruffwear

When it comes to packing the essentials for our active pets, these brands go paw-in-paw. Ruffwear has all the gear an outdoor-loving dog needs, and Only Natural Pet has all the nutrition and energy to keep them active. From the sidewalks in your neighborhood all the way to the top of Mount Bernese, let’s work together to give your dog the healthy and happy life they deserve.

Pack Animals

Is your dog The Camper, The Neighborhood Watch, The Co-Pilot or The Action Star? Find out below, along with the must-have products we picked just for them.

The Camper

This is for the dogs who enjoy camping as much as their owners. They can’t wait to get a harness on their backs and head into the woods. When the in-tents opportunity for adventure strikes, you’ll be prepared with supplies to keep your pup hydrated, fed and happy.

Palisades Pack

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EasyDefense Bug Spray

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Highlands Sleeping System

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Bivy Travel

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The Neighborhood Watch

No matter what the weather brings, these dogs love a good walk. This is a collection of essentials for these go-getters to keep on going in rain, sleet and snow. Help your pup stay comfortable as they head out on their daily walks - from hydrating in extreme heat to staying warm in the winter.

Easy Defense Flea & Tick Collar

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Safety Light

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Sun Shower Waterproof Rain Jacket

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The Co-pilot

These dogs believe the journey is more exciting than the destination. Take your pup to the park, on a road trip, or even around the block. If their ears perk up at the mention of a car ride, this list is for them. We have everything you need for a smooth ride.

Free Range Bully Sticks

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Dirt Bag Seat Cover

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Haul Bag

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Load-Up Harness

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The Action Star

This is for the dogs who live for the action and follow along on all your adventures - from all-terrain running to water sports. They’d never stay at home while you’re out having all the fun. These try hard triathletes are with you every step, pedal and swim of the way.

Swamp Cooler

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Life Jacket

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Trex Boots

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Quick Draw Leash

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A Natural Pairing

Only Natural Pet Customers Love Ruffwear

Cooling Vest

I LOVE it and so does she! I took it to her doggie daycare and they said she'd get excited when they went to put it on & they noticed she was able to play longer.

- Winnie's mom from Alamosa, CO

Web Master Harness

Unlike many harnesses, these are fail proof - your dog cannot wiggle out or escape..With these you have complete control, but your dog also has complete comfort.

- Shirley Dog Mom from
Palm Beach Gardens, FL

Quick Draw Leash

I love this leash! When I need a leash quick the Quickdraw lets me grab the red tab and Bam! my dogs are on leash. When the distraction passes, the leash wraps back around their necks and we're back to adventuring.

- Goose & Lulu's Dad from Boulder, CO

K-9 Overcoat

Our Vizsla LOVES this coat! When we pull this out, he runs right to it and puts his head through the hole. We have used it in snow, rain, cold early morning car rides, etc. Everywhere from snow in Germany to rain in California.

- Bodi's Mom from Aliso Viejo, CA

Tips for Adventurous Dogs (and Their Owners)

Hang Your Dog Food Bag

Hanging your own food bag is a safety essential when camping in bear country. But did you know dog food is even more aromatic than human food? So make sure you always hang your pup’s meals and snacks. Learn more tips on Camping with Dogs

Fit Your Dog's Harness

Ready for your next adventure with your dog? Watch this video on how to fit the front range harness on your dog - and then get out there for some fun!

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Choose the right harness

The first step to finding the right leash or harness for your dog is knowing the purpose of each one. Whether it’s for a backpacking overnight or a quick day trip, we have you covered.

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Stay cool and look cool

The summer is a big obstacle for active dogs who easily overheat. Don’t let hot temperatures slow your dog down. Before your next hot weather hike, read about Ruffwear’s evaporative cooling vests.

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