Dog with Chronic Skin & Coat Problem

Written by: Only Natural Pet Team


I have a rescue dog that I took in about a year ago. Ever since I got him I have been battling his skin issue. I've been using head and shoulders dandruff shampoo to combat his dandruff and flaky skin, but he has a hot spot at his throat that is just refusing to heal. I've tried all kinds of things like bathing him, shaving him (he gets too hot and then scratches like crazy), changed foods, put lotions on... He is constantly scratching and biting...every time I look at him I have to tell him to stop.

Vets have experimented on him giving him various meds, but I don't agree with using him as a guinea pig and my pocket book can't handle much more. I have no idea what is wrong with his skin, but I firmly believe it needs to be battled from the inside, I really don't think topical treatments will work. Is there ANYTHING else I can give him beside brewers yeast tablets and olive oil (which has caused him to gain too much weight and I've finally gotten him slimmed down to appropriate weight)? Thanks so much for any advice.



Dear Leila,

Itching is usually a sign of allergies. Allergies are becoming more and more common and troublesome in dogs. I have addressed the treatment of Bailey, a dog with severe allergies in another article in Only Natural Pet's Holistic Healthcare Library. He has seasonal and food allergies and the suggestions for Bailey would apply to your dog as well.

You might also read the article about vaccinations, as well. Over-vaccination can contribute to allergy and immune problems.

Remember that the first and most important thing to address is his diet. He needs to be on the highest quality diet you can provide him. Keep in mind that adding real food to his diet can mean starting a raw food diet or can be as simple as giving him healthy table scraps along with a high quality kibble free of common allergens (such as wheat and chicken) if that’s what you can manage.