Fighting Fleas & Ticks Naturally without Pesticides

Written by: Ajith Nair

Fighting Fleas and Ticks Naturally without Pesticides

Transcript 0:03 fleas are pretty tough and I kind of consider them separately from ticks 0:07 with ticks, vigilance is really the thing 0:07 and there are some herbal sprays that you can use 0:11 that are repellents for ticks. With fleas if you're in a flea prone 0:17 area of the country you want to get a head start on them 0:21 their fierce enemies, they’ll get you 0:24 if you see a flea you can bet that there's 0:28 10 more and they've all laid a hundred eggs 0:35 the chemical flea products have a lot of side effects 0:40 they can make your animal pretty ill and every single one of the 0:43 flea and tick products reviewed by the Environmental Protection Agency 0:47 had at least some reported incidents of 0:51 illness or death in dogs and cats 0:54 natural products tend to work with your animal’s system 0:57 with the immune system with the skin with the environment in a 1:01 more friendly way so that you're using 1:05 nature's own defenses against parasites 1:08 rather than just pouring chemicals all over your pet 1:16 your best defense is a flea comb, that's the best way to get fleas off 1:20 your animals, just physically take them off with a flea comb 1:21 there are herbal shampoos that will be helpful 1:25 a diet is very important one thing that's really interesting about fleas 1:30 and ticks and other parasites 1:31 is that the healthier animals tend to be less susceptible 1:35 the natural products you're going to have to be more vigilant you're going to 1:38 have to be more committed to 1:38 dealing with the house and the yard and the dog and the cat 1:43 and everybody you have to be paying attention but 1:45 it is certainly possible to get a real good result just as good a result as you 1:49 can get with the chemicals but it is a little more effort 1:54 the thing about the chemical flea and tick preventatives 1:55 they work right now but you're putting poison on your animal 1:59 and you know I just 2:02 if you can possibly avoid it I would sure recommend that

Fighting Fleas & Ticks Naturally