Inflammatory Bowel Disease and Other Gastrointestinal Issues in Dogs and Cats

Written by: Only Natural Pet Team

Inflammatory Bowel Disease and Other Gastrointestinal Issues

The basic recommendations for treating gastrointestinal problems with symptoms such as chronic loose stools, diarrhea, vomiting, constipation or poor appetite are as follows:


Diet is the first thing to address in treating any gastrointestinal problem.  Minimally; a very high quality canned food with no fillers or artificial preservatives.  If you feed some kibble try a hypo-allergenic one.  Better yet would be the addition of raw or home prepared foods.  Please see this article on our site: What You Need to Know About Your Pet's Food

Dogs and cats with gastrointestinal difficulties often respond VERY well to a raw food diet and once transitioned need no other supplements to stay healthy and symptom free.  Here is a link to Dr. Siegler’s article about feeding Raw Food: All About Raw Food

Websites with recipes for home-prepared diets

Make any diet changes very slowly – gradually increasing the ratio of new food to old food over the course of 10 – 15 days.

Digestive Enzymes

In addition to raw food or a very high quality canned food, a good digestive enzyme and probiotic supplement is important to aid digestion.

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