Natural Flea Control Checklist

Written by: Only Natural Pet Team


Prevention is key!

There are some amazing new products that use tags that hang from your pet's collar and that repel fleas based on energy fields. It sounds very "out there", but they work really well for many animals and are far and away the easiest way to keep fleas off your pet. It is definitely worth trying a flea tag, because they work for most pets, and some for up to one year!

Reduce the risk of infestation – beginning with your home & garden.

Flea eggs and larvae in your yard are getting ready to hatch when warmer weather hits. Kill them now with natural, safe, and effective diatomaceous earth (DE). This powder is 100% safe for your pet and harmless to humans, but effectively kills fleas, their eggs, and larvae in a matter of hours. DE can safely be used on your pet or in the home as well as in the yard, at the first sign of any fleas.


Protect your pet – from the inside.

Prepare your pet for flea season from the inside out. Garlic and B Vitamins tend to make the animal less tasty to fleas, so many guardians supplement with garlic & brewer's year (a good source of vitamin B1). Keep in mind that some animals are allergic to brewer's yeast, so watch closely the first week or so to make sure

Repel fleas from the outside

Traditional flea & tick treatments including chemical spot-on treatments contain powerful and potentially dangerous pesticides and should be used only as a last resort. Consider safe, natural alternatives such as the Herbal Defense Squeeze-On which uses the extremely effective flea repellent Geraniol, derived from geranium flowers.

Prepare for Infestation

Always prepare for the worst! Keep a natural shampoo and conditioner on hand as well as a flea comb so you're prepared at the first sight of fleas on your pet. After a good shampoo & condition with combing, which will kill most of the fleas, apply diatomaceous earth (DE) or another safe and effective flea killer directly to your pet, to kill any remaining eggs or larvae. Be sure to treat dog beds, all household areas your pet frequents, and the lawn to avoid re-infestation.

An extra "spritz" of prevention is worth a pound of treatment

When it comes to fleas and your pets, dealing with a full-blown infestation is a huge hassle, and cause a lot of discomfort for your pet. Taking the extra steps to prevent fleas in the first place is always worth the extra effort. Consider keeping a bottle of herbal spray or essential oil near the door and applying it each time your dog or cat goes outside.