Over 10 Years of Natural Pet Care

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Over 10 Years of Natural Pet Care: Only Natural Pet

Transcript 0:15 More and more people are going natural in their own life and as people discover 0:19 natural products for themselves they go 0:22 Oh, you know I guess I should be taking the same approach for my pets as well 0:36 Crinkles is one of the inspirations for starting Only Natural Pet 0:39 We got her at the local humane society; I started treating her with 0:43 some natural supplements and herbal remedies. It was really making a difference 0:47 for her and that was one of the 0:49 light bulbs that made me realize that natural pet care 0:52 is important and it's a good way to help dogs and cats just like people. 1:00 If you’re honoring what 1:02 your pet's natural needs are you're gonna see big big 1:05 improvements in health. They're gonna be less prone to chronic disease 1:09 and they’re gonna live longer, happier, healthier lives. 1:17 I live an only natural lifestyle 1:26 for myself and I wouldn't want it to be any different for my pet. 1:29 I can find the highest quality naturally derived products that are going to be 1:33 really good for my dog that I'm not worried 1:36 that they're gonna put some filler and there are some product that I would not approve of. 1:46 You don't want something that’s full of chemicals or 1:49 products that are gonna be toxic to them because you wouldn’t do that for yourself you 1:53 you don’t want that your pets. 1:55 I'd absolutely recommend to switch from a conventional 1:58 lifestyle to a more natural lifestyle for a pet owner 2:02 looking towards a way to enhance the health and happiness of their companion’s life. 2:07 I love these guys. I was attracted to them because the information 2:12 that they provided because of the diversity of what they offer. 2:16 There's a great saying which is 2:18 “If something happens once its anecdotal all and if it happens twice 2:22 it’s evidence. Goose and Lulu are both extremely fit 2:26 healthy dogs. We consider both these guys to be 2:29 evidence that a natural lifestyle for them works really great. 2:32 The choices I make for my animals are to try to give them the best I can and that 2:37 is really what an Only Natural Pet is. 2:49 Sustainability and being green is very important to our company: 2:53 we are zero waste facility which means that 2:57 we try and minimize the amount that goes into the landfill; 3:00 we’re you know trying to recycle and reuse as much as we can; 3:04 we use a hundred percent wind power 3:07 for our office and our retail store3:10 we use energy offset credits. 3:17 Seeing that ONP has wind power and they have 3:20 recycled packaging and we have a lot of people that bike to work 3:24 that's a really big piece that further connects the dots. So it's not just a company 3:28 it’s a community, is what it is. 3:33 Go for hikes, go for bike rides those kind of things are definitely the main3:36 activities. You know I really love to go skiing with them too you but sometimes 3:39 that's a little bit harder with the smaller pets. 3:42 I get the customers that come back in 3:52 and tell me, “Hey you know my dog had three months to live, you suggested these products 3:56 in this order and what to really do for daily use and everything like that and it really 4:01 you know makes me happy to see them come back and say, “You know 4:04 it's been six months, it's been a year they're walking, they’re 4:08 going hiking with me and that's really got the biggest success stories that I 4:11 like to hear. 4:13 You're gonna pay the price in veterinary bills 4:17 later on for preventable diseases that good nutrition 4:21 will fix. 4:25 It's very unique in the sense that the ingredients standards are4:28 are very high with the advice of holistic veterinarians 4:32 I don't, I don't know any other company doing it quite the way we do it. 4:35 I think that going out into nature seeing his joy 4:38 definitely increases my joy. It's just more exciting 4:42 to see it through my dog’s eyes, he runs around and greets everybody. 4:45 There's a lot of things that can go in pet food that 4:50 can't go on people food and so it's important 4:53 to be natural and to educate yourself on what's natural 4:56 so this what you feed your pets will keep them healthy.

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