The Ultimate Guide to Cold Pressed Dog Food

Written by: Richard Rowlands

The latest premium pet product gaining widespread acclaim from dog parents everywhere is cold pressed dog food. Being relatively new to the market in recent years, you might not have heard about this great choice in dry dog food. Don’t worry! In this article we’ll not only explain all about cold pressed dog food and its primary benefits, we’ll also give you the information you need to choose a high-quality option for your furry friend.

What is Cold Pressed Dog Food?

The process of producing cold pressed dog food is fairly simple. As the name implies, ground ingredients are taken, mixed with cold water, cooked quickly at low temperatures, and pressed into the desired dog-appropriate shape. It’s a technique that preserves lots of the natural nutritional value of the ingredients. This is quite different from the classic way dry dog food is made.

Most popular dry dog foods are extruded. Extrusion is when the ingredients are subjected to high heat and extreme pressure, including a lot of steam. This produces a kibble that expands when eaten and can be harder for dogs to digest. There’s also less of the original nutrients present due to those higher temperatures. In fact, quite often you’ll find that oils and other vitamins are added back into food after the extrusion process has been finished just to ensure nutritional completeness.

Between the two, cold pressed dog food definitely wins out. However, if you’re not completely convinced, rest assured cold pressed dog food has several more benefits that will have you wanting to make the switch.

What Are the Benefits of Cold Pressed Dog Food?

As mentioned, cold pressed dog food retains more nutrients than other popular kibbles which tend to be extruded, thanks to its specialized manufacturing process. This is especially true of oils, but also enzymes and vitamins, which can be lost at those higher temperatures in the extrusion process. This makes cold pressed dog food the closest possible to feeding a raw food diet without switching. In fact, it might be even better!

Some critics of the raw food diet say it exposes our pet dogs to parasites and bacteria that their domesticated guts simply aren’t fit to handle. This can result in various issues, including tough to treat infections. The low cooking temperature of cold pressed dog food all but negates these risks while keeping the great nutritional benefits. Additionally, for many people the ease of using a dry dog food is far more convenient and affordable. No need to dedicate high amounts of freezer space or big portions of monthly paychecks to your dog’s raw food diet.

But for those comfortable with feeding a raw food diet, cold pressed dog food should still be a consideration. It makes a fantastic healthy pet food topper to round things out and ensure your pet is getting everything it needs. The cold pressing method produces a very different kibble that retains the appearance of a lot of its original ingredients. That helps cold pressed dog food fit right in with that raw food diet.

Speaking of the appearance of cold pressed dog food, you’ll definitely be able to tell it’s not your average kibble just by looking at it. Rather than being a round and puffy beige biscuit, these nutrient-packed kibbles are longer and generally meatier looking. The difference doesn’t stop at how the food looks. It goes to the actual composition itself which makes it easier to digest.

Cold pressed dog food doesn’t expand when eaten and digested like extruded foods. Instead, it breaks down quickly and naturally. If you were to put a scoop of extruded dog food into a cup of water, it would draw in as much liquid as possible and puff up real large while floating at the top. Cold pressed dog food would never do this. Instead, it would sit at the bottom while it breaks down and starts to dissolve in the water.

These same processes happen in your dog’s stomach when they eat. It’s no wonder cold pressed dog food doesn’t lead to bloating in the same way extruded foods can. That quick breakdown also helps with speedier nutrient absorption. Yes, the benefits just keep coming, but there’s still one more.

Cold pressed dog food is way more palatable because it preserves much of the original flavor and scent of the ingredients used. This makes it a favorite for owners who have fussy dogs that tend to turn up their nose at a lot of other kibbles they may have tried.

Choosing a High-Quality Cold Pressed Dog Food

With the increasing popularity of cold pressed dog food, you’re going to see a lot of different options popping up. It may leave you a bit overwhelmed or confused. It doesn’t have to.

When choosing a cold pressed dog food, start by looking at the ingredient list.

You’re going to want to ensure that there is a high-quality, single source protein in the food you pick. Words like organic, grass fed, or wild caught are all great indicators that you’re bringing some quality meat into your dog’s life. Also, don’t forget to check the guaranteed analysis to be sure there’s a protein content that meets your dog’s needs.

There will also be a variety of other ingredients and some of these can bring additional beneficial nutrients into your dog’s diet. Cold pressed oils, fruits, vegetables, herbs, and even algae can be good sources of omega-3 or -6 fatty acids, as well as all those vitamins we wish we were getting ourselves.

It’s also a good idea to avoid foods that are heavy on fillers, excessive additives, unnecessary flavorings, or too many preservatives. A properly manufactured and balanced cold pressed dog food will make itself appealing, palatable, and nutritious using its core ingredients and not need to be bulked out in the same way some other foods are.

Lastly, you’re going to want to make sure the food is appropriate for any allergies your dog might have and for your dog’s current life stage. Cold pressed dog food will be a great option in both cases. There are a variety of formulations found on the market which will cater to any allergies your dog might have. And its manufacturing process with high digestibility means there are options available for every life stage, from recently weaned puppy to beloved senior.

Choose Cold Pressed Dog Food!

The evidence is in and the choice is clear. With its numerous benefits – from great taste to nutrient richness – and suitability for dogs of all ages and levels of pickiness, cold pressed dog food is a fantastic choice to make on behalf of your four-legged friend.

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