Using Flower Essences for Dogs and Cats this Holiday Season

Written by: Only Natural Pet Team

Flower essences offer an ideal self-help strategy for those wishing to take greater responsibility for the health of the animals in their lives. Pet Essences combine the energetic essence and effects of flowers in unique, user-friendly formulas which are designed to harmonize, nourish and enhance healing. Flower essences are on the cutting edge of energetic healing. Supporting the emotional balance that underlies true health, flower essences work on the vibrational level, where energy precedes physical manifestations of health. Flower essences are useful in restoring harmony and vitality in systems thrown out of order by disease conditions, life changes, emotional events, stress, accidents, or surgeries. They nourish and energize the body’s innate capacity to heal by facilitating ease and re-establishing balance. Think of Pet Essences formulas as vibrational bouquets offering simple, effective support for maximum vitality in animals.

Animals are particularly responsive to the many forms of subtle energy that surround them, so flower essences, with their gentle vibrations, are extraordinarily effective with animals. Flower essences are safe and non-toxic, free of side effects, and economical. They are an ideal and easily accessible health resource for use with pets, working or companion animals, livestock, animals in daycare, refuge, shelter or emergency situations. Because they work on an energetic level rather than a chemical level in the body, flower essences have the capacity to facilitate shifts quickly. They are usually most effective when given in frequent small doses that reinforce the vibrational shifts and cellular communication that they offer.

Each ingredient in Pet Essences formulas is a flower essence, in which the energetic pattern of a flower’s energy has been transferred to pure water by the sun. The essences are made in the flowering season of each plant, and always in the morning when the flower is most vibrant. Brandy is traditionally used to preserve the water in which the energetic pattern of the flower is stored, and gives the flower essence an indefinite shelf life.

Each Pet Essences formula is a combination of flower essences chosen for both their resonance with each other and for the vibrational balance they collectively bring to the condition targeted by a particular formula. The flowers work together in tandem, creating an energetic bouquet with a combined resonance whose vibration addresses particular imbalances that may present as physical, emotional or other types of difficulties. Just as a symphony is comprised of various musicians whose instruments collectively create a beautifully resonant whole, the component flower essences in Pet Essences formulas work synchronistically to create a balanced vibrational remedy for those situations they are designed to address.

Pet Essences flower formulas are absolutely safe; there are no side effects. If you choose the incorrect essence, you may not get the results you were looking for, but you don’t need to worry about negative side effects. When you use the appropriate flower essence, however, changes begin to occur immediately. Cells identify the remedial vibration of the essence, recognize their mission, and begin their work of balancing and harmonizing the system. As in tuning a violin, there need be no change if the instrument is in tune in the first place and all is vibrating perfectly. Similarly, an animal’s body does not need adjusting unless its vibrational rate is lower than optimum, in which case the information systems of the body--the cells receiving the communication of the flower formula--see the need to raise their functioning level to optimum and begin to do so. In cases of debilitating disease, where cellular communication has begun to break down, flower formulas have the capacity to optimize the flow of energy and cellular communication, thereby supporting the return to resilient wellbeing.

How to use Flower Essences with your animals

Polly Fox and her team at Energetic and Pet Essences are pioneers in the field of combining the energies of flowers in unique proprietary blends which address specific, easily identifiable situations that you as an animal caregiver and companion may face. Polly has taken the guesswork out of choosing a flower essence by naming the formulas to clearly indicate the specific situations in which they may be of help. She has named physical or emotional conditions, rather than individual flowers, to make it easier for you to choose an essence.

With the exception of those few notable formulas that DO combine well with any or all of the other Pet Essences formulas, it is strongly recommended that all remedies are administered all one at a time. However, it is necessary to wait only a minute or two before giving another formula, as the vibrational effects happen instantly.

Pet Essences are used by putting a few drops in the animal’s drinking water or food, on their skin, fur or feathers, in their mouth, water bottle, bowl, fish tank or stock tank, into their bath, or into a spray bottle with which you mist the environment or bedding. The object is to bring the essence as frequently as possible into contact with the animal’s body, both internally and externally. It is not critical which way you choose do this. Do whatever is easiest and works in your situation. It is also a good idea to leave drops of a flower essence in a water bowl the animal will go to over time, this way ensuring they get several doses throughout the day.


A dose is either a few drops from a “stock” (or “purchased”) bottle, or a few drops from the diluted contents of a “dose” bottle. A dose bottle is one that is holding several drops from the stock bottle, with pure water added to dilute. Although you can use the liquid essence directly out of the stock bottle purchased, making a dosage bottle of flower essences from your stock bottle is easy and extremely economical. Dilution of the brandy with pure water does not alter the power of the energetic pattern. Remember that the frequency of dosing is more important than the amount given at any single time. That means, the more frequently a dose is given the more often the energetic information is available to the animal. Here are some suggestions for making and using dose solutions: Put 4-7 drops from the stock bottle you have purchased into an empty, clean, 1 or 2 oz. bottle and fill with pure water. Label. Shake. Consider this the dose bottle. To use, take a few drops from the dose bottle and put them in food, drinking water, a bath or on an animal’s skin, fur, feathers, etc. or directly in the mouth or on the lips. Remember, energetic patterns will not be diluted with water; you will only be diluting the brandy.

Hints for Happy Holidays with your Animals

With seasonal celebrations just around the corner, Pet Essences flower formulas present a variety of easily administered options to ease your animals’ experience of a busier than usual season. Flower essences help your animal companions remain balanced, calm, happy (and well behaved) during times of increased activity around them. Animals are affected by humans and other animals; in fact they are like emotional sponges! Visitors, travel, social occasions, shifting routines or schedules, heightened stress or emotion in their humans and increased time alone may become sources of distress for any animal at this time of year. Flower essences compassionately help animals cope with the intensities of your own holiday season by supporting the animal’s harmony when your friends or family visit, when activity levels around the animals increase, or when inevitable surprises occur. Here are a few suggestions for smooth sailing through the holidays:

Emotional Stability offers animals the support and psychic protection they sometimes need to have their own emotional world and be in it, regardless of what is going on around them. Veterinarians and other animal care practitioners report that 80% of animals’ emotional problems come from us! This formula, which is one of only two that it is OK to combine with all other formulas, helps an animal to be less reactive to their companions’ thoughts and emotions. Having a party? Are your grandchildren about to visit? Feeling the pressures of a too busy schedule? Use Emotional Stability with either Anxiety/Fear orCalming Solution to help provide more emotional protection for animals that are too easily influenced by what is going on around them. Try putting a few drops ofEmotional Stability on your animals’ fur, rubbing it along gently as you pat them, and you may both enjoy a better day! Sometimes you will be able to see the flower essences work right before your eyes, within minutes, but more often it takes longer to see changes.

When an animal is too demanding or excitable, or is not able to be calm and reasonable, reach for Calming Solution, Pet Essences’ most popular formula. Some people use it in the waiting room at the vet’s office, applying a little dab on their animal’s ears and getting amazing and speedy results. This is the formula to use for the demanding attitudes of “pet me, feed me, take me for a walk”. If your dog is restless, insistent on going for his usual walk with you now, but you’ve still got cookies in the oven and several urgent phone calls to make, Calming Solution may help. It can also help puppies be a bit more patient. When Calming Solution is not enough to improve a situation, such as when a puppy is excited to see you and has just not yet learned to control itself and dribbles urine on the floor, Out of Control may be your remedy of choice. Out of Control also supports an animal in moving beyond socially unacceptable behaviors such as jumping up on you or your arriving guests. Out of Control works with either a behavior, e.g. viciousness or over enthusiasm, or a physical symptom, e.g. dribbling urine when excited, that is out of control.

The Anxiety/Fear formula gently takes the fear out of an animal’s emotional experience. The company of new or seldom seen people or sudden rings of the doorbell are but a few of the situations in which this flower essence has assisted anxious animals to find calm. At the time of a crisis or anxiety attack, e.g. when your holiday guests arrive or when a storm is coming, give a dose of Anxiety/Fear every few minutes until your companion animal calms down and is able and willing to rest quietly. If you anticipate increased activities at home and know your animal is sensitive to such circumstances, Anxiety/Fear may help shift things in advance. If you put a few drops in the drinking water, with every change of water for several weeks, you may see a deep and positive change occur, as the animal shifts from a tendency to be fearful to a state of sustained emotional balance. Also,Emotional Stability, which can be combined with Anxiety/Fear, makes a big difference in how an animal reacts to what happens in the surrounding environment.

Going away for a holiday visit or leaving for work need not be a difficult time for your animals, as theEmotional Stability formula offers the support necessary for them to enjoy smooth transitions from being at home with you to being on their own while you’re away. It is a great help for those animals who get anxious when they realize you are about to leave. Loneliness/Home Alone facilitates their being at ease when you go off to work or on an unexpected trip, and may be of some comfort when they are missing you during your absence. Animals get information from a variety of sources that we either take for granted or are unaware of. Loneliness/Home Alone helps animals access information they already have internally about what is really going on and how they should behave, when they have lost their emotional ability to act on what they innately know.

The degree to which your animals are lonely and uncomfortable during your absence determines whether you’d useEmotional Stabilityand then Loneliness/Home Alone, or Out of Control and then Loneliness/Home Alone. You generally want to get your animal into a stable emotional state before giving Loneliness/Home Alone, so this remedy along is rarely the only answer. For instance, if your dog gets so upset when you leave that he pulls the bedding apart, or chews up something you value, give him Out of Control and then Loneliness/Home Alone (remember, these need to be administered separately). If your animals are really “over the edge”, then they need both remedies. Make sure they get one dose of Loneliness/Home Alone and a couple of doses of Out of Control before you leave. You can leave 2 bowls of water on the floor, or whatever creative way works best for you. One client realized that her dog loved ice cubes, so she made some containing Loneliness/Home Alone. She left a few for her dog to play with and had great results! If your animal does not want to be left alone and also seems fearful,Anxiety/Fear given several times a day on a regular basis will have a stabilizing influence on the situation. Then when you are ready to leave, give Loneliness/Home Alone. If you must leave your animal at a kennel while you go away during the holidays, give Loneliness/Home Alone, as its flower ingredients help an animal rely on its own resources, and be confident that you are coming back. You can sprinkle some drops on the kibble food that you leave for your pet at the kennel, so they will get a dose of this whenever they feed.Anxiety/Fear,Emotional Stability, and Calming Solution may also be of support while your animal is being boarded. If your animal is likely to pace or whine, Calming Solution is especially recommended. Loneliness/Home Alone helps both animals and birds stabilize and have faith that you will return.

If you’re contemplating grooming your pet before family arrives and schedules get even busier, flower essences can help ease the process for both of you! Pet Essences’ Grooming formula helps animals to have more patience and less fear around any grooming process. Whether you are bathing and grooming your animals yourself, or taking them to a professional groomer, it is a good idea to give them this essence before anyone works with them. Give them a dose before you leave home or on the way over to the groomers. Cats exhibit more patience with the process when given the Grooming formula. We also recommend Grooming for those angora rabbits and their keepers who would find it easier to gather the soft fur fibers if their rabbits squirmed around a bit less in their laps, as they gently pull and remove angora for spinning into yarn! Anxiety/Fear is also highly recommended and, if an animal has aggressive tendencies, you might consider giving them Out of Control before grooming.

Are you planning on bringing a new animal into your home this season? Giving a puppy or kitten or new fish to your children as a holiday surprise? Concerned about harmony between visiting animals and your own pets? New Home/Group Living is the remedy of choice whenever new dynamics occur in an animal’s surrounding community.New Home/Group Living is useful whenever you’re bringing a new animal into an existing group or community. It helps offset jealousy and contributes to building up and bringing peace of mind to the animals already in the family group. This formula supports confidence-building in the new animal. Use the New Home/Group Living formula if you are adding a new fish to a fish tank. Use it when moving animals into a new household, whether you are moving into the new environment with the animal or not. Will you be visiting with your pet away from home, or staying in hotels or motels en route with your animal as you travel this season? The flowers in New Home/Group Living help with living or visiting in unknown places, as well as with weaning, moving in or out of animal shelter life, and with animals missing students returning to school after the holidays are over. Pet Essences’ Depression and Grieving formula helps when sorrow dampens your animals’ spirits. Animals grieve and get depressed just like humans do. Loss can occur at any time of year; often we feel it most around the holidays and our animals pick up on this from our emotions and vibrations. As with people, the pain of loss can last for years when not addressed. An animal does not have to die for another animal in the household to grieve and appear sad and depressed. A child going off to college or leaving after being home for the holidays, or another animal spending an extended time at the vet’s can cause these emotions to surface in your companion animal. Not seeing a loved one causes sadness in any being. Depression and Grieving is remarkable in its ability to ease the situation and bring your animal back to its usual spirited self.

Planning a driving trip with your pet over the holidays and worried about him getting carsick? Pet Essences’ Travel formula is the answer to motion sickness, and this is another formula you can use in advance. Drop it on the food and leave it in the drinking water so that your animal gets it all the time. Probably after a week or two, your cat or dog will no longer need this formula, as a shift occurs that takes care of the problem. This formula may help when your animal travels by plane, bus, car or train. It is a general travel formula. In some cases, you might want to giveAnxiety/Fear as well.

Most of us tend to stray from our usual diets during times of seasonal celebration, and animals are no exception. They often get leftovers they normally might not eat as we scrape the plates after a holiday feast. Digestion/Assimilation helps all concerned by aiding in the digestive processing of food.

Pet Essences’ Life Force Zest supports renewed vitality and energizes sustained wellbeing, providing just the boost that is sometimes needed over the holidays. We know that when we feel our best, we are likelier to cope optimally with what happens within and around us. Animals are similarly better equipped to handle surprises, changes in schedule, diet and other variations from the norm and to maintain optimal levels of wellbeing when endowed with maximum life force. Life Force Zest acts as an amplifier, setting the stage for deep healing to happen, nourishing and energizing the chi or life force. This is a wonderful remedy with many applications when the “zest” has gone out of life; when vitality, energy, strength and the spark to really engage with life are in short supply. The flowers in this formula seem to remind the animal that they once really did feel better, and can do so again. It is helpful after a long illness or when an animal is depleted for any reason, and may be useful in cases of apathy, deep depression, extreme fatigue, exhaustion or after chemotherapy. You might also give it a try when dealing with an animal who has suffered periods of extreme neglect or abuse. It is a wonderful formula for bringing back the sparkle in life!

Life Force Zest is best used when the situation is not an emergency. For example, if your animal has an erratic heartbeat from fear, you’d give Emergency Rescue, which is designed to help during an emergency by preventing shock.

Emergency Rescue is an excellent remedy to carry with you throughout the holiday season (and the rest of the year as well!) in your purse, backpack, briefcase or in the glove compartment of your vehicle, as you never know when you may need it. Use Emergency Rescue at a time of crisis, then frequently (every few seconds at first, then every few minutes) until your vet arrives or the crisis is stabilized. Emergency Rescue is useful in many types of emergency situations, whether the trauma or accident is physical or emotional, for it helps prevent shock and disorientation and offers general support. Things happen, holidays or not, and this formula is such a simple way to be prepared to help your companion animal cope. It is important for you as animal owner to take Emergency Rescue as well, helping you to keep your wits about you. Whatever the nature of trauma you face, using Emergency Rescue will help you and your animal create your own stable environment in the midst of crisis or chaos, establishing a more solid footing and a calmer resonance for both of you to move more smoothly through the situation at hand. For example, if the dogs get porcupine quills in them, give them Emergency Rescue on the way to the vet.

As you head into the festive weeks ahead, why not have on hand some of the Pet Essences flower formulas which are designed to help you and your animal friends enjoy the season’s bounty and grace in harmony, peace, and optimal wellbeing? With nature’s gift of flower vibrations, you’ll be well prepared to support your furry friends who are enjoying the season along with you. Enjoy in good health!