What are Flower Essences and How Do They Work?

Written by: Dr. Jean Hofve, Holistic Veterinarian, DVM

Pet Essences combine the energetic essence and effects of flowers in unique, user-friendly formulas which are designed to harmonize, nourish and enhance healing. Flower essences are on the cutting edge of energetic healing.Supporting the emotional balance that underlies true health, flower essences work on the vibrational level where energy precedes physical manifestations of health. Flower essences are useful in restoring harmony and vitality in systems thrown out of order by disease conditions, life changes, emotional events, stress, accidents, or surgeries. Theynourish and energize the body’s innate capacity to heal by facilitating ease and re-establishing balance. Think ofPet Essences formulas as vibrational bouquets offering simple, effective support for maximum vitality in animals.

Animals are particularly responsive to the many forms of subtle energy that surround them, so flower essences, with their gentle vibrations, are extraordinarily effective with animals. Flower essences are safe and non-toxic, free of side effects, and economical. They are an ideal and easily accessible health resource for use with pets, working or companion animals, livestock, animals in daycare, refuge, shelter or emergency situations. Because they work on an energetic level rather than a chemical level in the body, flower essences have the capacity to facilitate shifts quickly. They are usually most effective when given in frequent small doses that reinforce the vibrational shifts and cellular communication that they offer.

Each ingredient inPet Essences formulas is a flower essence, in which the energetic pattern of a flower’s energy has been transferred to pure water by the sun. The essences are made in the flowering season of each plant, and always in the morning when the flower is most vibrant. Brandy is traditionally used to preserve the water in which the energetic pattern of the flower is stored, and gives the flower essence an indefinite shelf life.

Pet Essences formula is a combination of flower essences chosen for both their resonance with each other and for the vibrational balance they collectively bring to the condition targeted by a particular formula. The flowers work together in tandem, creating an energetic bouquet with a combined resonance whose vibration addresses particular imbalances that may present as physical, emotional or other types of difficulties.  Just as a symphony is comprised of various musicians whose instruments collectively create a beautifully resonant whole, the component flower essences inPet Essences formulas work synchronistically to create a balanced vibrational remedy for those situations they are designed to address.

Pet Essences flower formulas are absolutely safe; there are no side effects. If you choose the incorrect essence, you may not get the results you were looking for, but you don’t need to worry about negative side effects. When you use the appropriate flower essence, however, changes begin to occur immediately. Cells identify the remedial vibration of the essence, recognize their mission, and begin their work of balancing and harmonizing the system. As in tuning a violin, there need be no change if the instrument is in tune in the first place and all is vibrating perfectly. Similarly, an animal’s body does not need adjusting unless its vibrational rate is lower than optimum, in which case the information systems of the body--the cells receiving the communication of the flower formula--see the need to raise their functioning level to optimum and begin to do so. In cases of debilitating disease, where cellular communication has begun to break down, flower formulas have the capacity to optimize the flow of energy and cellular communication, thereby supporting the return to resilient wellbeing.

How to use Flower Essences with your Animals

Polly Fox and her team at Energetic andPet Essences are pioneers in the field of combining the energies of flowers in unique proprietary blends which address specific, easily identifiable situations that you as an animal caregiver and companion may face. Polly has taken the guesswork out of choosing a flower essence by naming the formulas to clearly indicate the specific situations in which they may be of help. She has named physical or emotional conditions, rather than individual flowers, to make it easier for you to choose an essence.

With the exception of those few notable formulas that DO combine well with any or all of the otherPet Essences formulas, it is strongly recommended that all remedies areadministered all one at a time. However, it is necessary to wait only a minute or two before giving another formula, as the vibrational effects happen instantly.

Pet Essences are used by putting a few drops in the animal’s drinking water or food, on their skin, fur or feathers, in the mouth, water bottle, bowl, fish tank or stock tank, into their bath, or into a spray bottle with which you mist the environment or bedding. The object is to bring the essence as frequently as possible into contact with the animal’s body, both internally and externally. It is not critical which way you choose do this. Do whatever is easiest and works in your situation. It is also a good idea to leave drops of a flower essence in a water bowl the animal will go to over time, this way ensuring they get several doses throughout the day.


A dose is either a few drops from a “stock” (or “purchased”) bottle, or a few drops from the diluted contents of a “dose” bottle. A dose bottle is one that is holding several drops from the stock bottle, with pure water added to dilute. Although you can use the liquid essence directly out of the stock bottle purchased, making a dosage bottle of flower essences from your stock bottle is easy and extremely economical. Dilution of the brandy with pure water does not alter the power of the energetic pattern. Remember that the frequency of dosing is more important than the amount given at any single time. That means, the more frequently a dose is given the more often the energetic information is available to the animal.

Here are some suggestions for making and using dose solutions: Put 4-7 drops from the stock bottle you have purchased into an empty, clean, 1 or 2 oz. bottle and fill with pure water. Label. Shake. Consider this the dose bottle. To use, take a few drops from the dose bottle and put them in food, drinking water, a bath or on an animal’s skin, fur, feathers, etc. or directly in the mouth or on the lips.Remember, energetic patterns will not be diluted with water; you will only be diluting the brandy.

Pet Essences Flower Formulas That Work Together

Several of thePet Essences formulas offer additional benefits when used as “team players”. These essences bring different but related strengths to a situation, reinforcing each other in subtle ways. Multiple formulas are always administered separately and sequentially, with the exception of Pain Relief and Emotional Stability, which can be given with any formula. Pain Relief and Emotional Stability formulas are designed with a small number of ingredients, which facilitates their with any and all of the otherPet Essences formulas. Emotional Stability appears to act like a booster to help other formulas. For example, using Emotional Stability with either Anxiety/Fear, Calming Solution, or another behavioral/emotional Pet Essences helps provide more emotional protection for animals that are easily influenced by what’s happening around them.

Physical Recovery and Vitality and Rest are both wonderful “team” formulas in preparation for or recovery from surgery, spay and neuter procedures, sickness, general poor health or low physical energy. Alternate each 4 times a day, beginning with Physical Recovery and ending the day withVitality and Rest. After surgical procedures, it’s important to include Pain Relief with bothPhysical Recovery and Vitality and Rest. Life Force Zest also helpsthe animal rebound after surgery. Rescue Her or Rescue Him can be helpful after a spay or neuter procedure.

With allergies,Pet Essences, Allergies formula, Digestion/Assimilation, Skin Irritation, and Immune System Booster may all be helpful. Sometimes it is difficult to choose just one right remedy because often one is not enough. Digestion/Assimilation helps to access more of the nutrients available in the food eaten, and also helps process the toxins in the environment that may be the cause of the allergy or complaint. As an example of how to combine formulas sequentially, you could choose to use all four of these formulas by putting Allergies and Immune System Booster in different water bowls,Digestion/Assimilation in the food andSkin Irritation directly on the problem skin area.

For broken or fractured bones, Fracture Repair,Life Force Zest, Pain Relief, Circulation and Skeletal Support enhance one another.

When traveling you may find Travel,Emergency Rescue, Anxiety/Fear, Life Force Zest, Emotional Stability, Calming Solution and other Pet Essences behavioral/emotional formulas all helpful.

In instances of seizures, use Emergency Rescue, Seizures and Life Force Zest.

When your animal companion suffers from stiff, aging limbs, Arthritis/Achy Pain,Pain Relief, Skeletal Support, Circulation and Paralysis Plus all may be of real assistance.

Pet Essences clients often contact Polly to share stories of thePet Essences flower formulas’ effectiveness in enhancing their animals’ healing and quality of life:

“I have a raccoon that was born with congestive heart failure, and on your advice, I put her on Heart Help, Circulatory System and Life Force Zest, 4 times a day. My vet had put her on Lasix injections. Her first x-ray really looked bad, and the vet didn't hold out much hope for her living very long, and that was when I contacted you. I received the products and immediately started Willow on them. She was due to go back to the vet for more x-rays in 2 weeks, so I had 2 weeks to see if these products were going to work on her. At the end of the 2 weeks when I took her back to the vet, the new x-rays were amazing. Her heart looked almost normal! At this point I told the vet what I had been giving her, and I had brought the bottles along with me for her to look at. She looked at the ingredients, and agreed that she thought this was what was making the difference in her. She just kept repeating, "I can't believe the difference in her, it's amazing". She said, "I'm taking her off of the Lasix, and you keep her on this stuff for a little while longer." I did, and at her next visit, her heart appears to be normal!!! She is no longer on the essences 4 times a day, but she does continue to get it once a day just for maintenance sake. Willow is now 7 months old, and you would never know that anything had ever been wrong with her. She now plays and breathes normally, something we didn't think we would be seeing with her. I can't thank you enough for helping me out with Willow, and giving her a chance to live a normal life. Your products worked their magic with her, and you have a customer for life.” C.M.

“Your products once again have amazed me and my vet. Last month my oldest skunk suddenly became paralyzed in her back legs. You suggested I put her on Paralysis Plus, Fracture Repair, and Dill. Her x-rays had shown that she had a pathological fracture, her spine was degenerating and full of spurs. Thanks to the advice you gave and your wonderful products, Sweetie P (my skunk), is standing for short periods of time on all 4 legs now, and best of all she is walking just a few steps. She is walking all the time on her left rear leg, and still drags the right one some of the time, but she is trying to use it more too. I know that with continued use of the products she will once again be walking on all 4 legs. I can't wait to see what her next x-rays show. I'll never be able to thank you enough for what you and your products have done for me, and my animals”. C.M.