Green Holiday Tips

Written by: Aaron I

Buy Earth-Friendly Pet Gifts:  Our country is great in so many ways, one of which is the fact that we can “vote with our wallet” every time we shop! By choosing earth-friendly pet products that are made from recycled or recyclable materials, minimally packaged, sustainably harvested and produced, you are letting pet product manufacturers know that our planet matters to you. We carry many earth-friendly cat items, including beds, toys, and organic and natural food and treats, all of which support a healthy planet.

Avoid Air Fresheners and Scented Candles:  Many people buy air freshener sprays, plug-ins or scented candles to help mask odors when holiday guests arrive or just to give their home a “holiday” aroma. The truth is that most of these products are toxic to people and cats, and contain many chemicals (like pthalates and formaldehyde) that are linked to asthma, respiratory problems, and worse. If you want to give your home a natural holiday scent, try a drop of mint or cinnamon essential oil on a light bulb, or put a small pot with cloves, cinnamon sticks, or other herbs to simmer on your stove.

Skip the Gift Wrap for Pets:  Tons of gift wrap ends up in landfills each holiday season, and most likely, your cat won’t care whether the gift is wrapped or not. If you feel you must conceal gifts for your cats, put them into a reusable gift bag or recyclable paper bag and let your cat explore the gift bag when you present it. If you are celebrating Christmas, a re-usable eco-friendly stocking for your cat serves this purpose well.

Give D-I-Y Gifts:  If you’re a crafty type, how about making some toys for your cat? Small toys can be made quite easily with a sewing machine or needle and thread, fabric scraps and some natural catnip. Most cat lovers have discovered that playful kitties are easily amused with very simple toys, so even if you aren’t skilled with crafts, you can make some very satisfactory toys with yarn, twine, and fabric scraps.

Don’t Give Pets as Gifts:  For many reasons, we strongly urge that no one give a pet as a holiday gift to a friend, roommate, or dating partner. Pet guardianship is a serious responsibility and people must decide for themselves if and when they are ready to bring an animal into their lives for a 10+ year commitment to the care and expense of a pet. The cute kitten you give to a new boyfriend or girlfriend may end up in a shelter if the relationship doesn’t work out, adding to the serious burden that unwanted pets place on shelters and on our planet’s resources.

Buy from Green Businesses:  Much in the same way that buying earth-friendly pet products can give you a voice in the pet product industry, so can making the choice to buy from green businesses. When you choose to buy from companies that adhere to green business practices like recycling, using eco-friendly packaging, and choosing wind-power and other carbon footprint offsets, you increase the chances that more businesses will adopt these practices. You can feel confident buying pet items from Only Natural Pet Store. We are 100% wind powered and a Zero Waste Program participating retailer.

Adopt from a Shelter:  If you are bringing a pet into your own home this holiday season, adopting is the best way to go. Everyone (and our planet) benefits when a stray or unwanted pet finds a home, and with so many breed rescue groups around, there’s no reason you can’t find the pet of your dreams. Give a dog or cat a second chance and help reduce the number of unwanted pets in our world. Adopting a pet from a shelter also does not support the kitten & puppy mill industries, a cause we can all get behind!

Give Your Cat an “Intangible” Gift:  Extra playtime for active cats, or some quality lap time with snuggly felines. These are the types of intangible gifts that your cat might not be able to appreciate the same way they would a treat or other gift, but like other “service” gifts for people, they can improve the quality of life of the recipient, and who deserves this more than your beloved kitties?

Happy Green Holidays from your friends at Only Natural Pet Store!

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