Minimizing Our “Carbon Pawprint”

Written by: Only Natural Pet Team

We are conscious of our actions… and their effects

With a name like ours, it’s only natural that we consider the environment in everything we do—from our supply chain to the paper we buy for the office laser printer. We are determined that every choice we make is the right choice for the planet.

And of course, you are here reading this because (just like us) you’re actively trying to be a part of the solution. From the products you buy to the foods you eat, you’re clawing your way to a more sustainable carbon footprint of your own. Nice work!

Since we’re both dedicated to the cause, we think you’ll appreciate knowing exactly what we’re doing to minimize our “carbon pawprint” across our business—starting with our carbon neutral pet food options. By giving these products to Fido and Tiger at home, you’re actually achieving your own personal goal of living more simply. Together, we are making a difference… read on to learn how.

The Dawn of Carbon Neutral Pet Food

Better for pets, better for our planet

Back in 2014, we launched Canine PowerFood & Feline PowerFood. We knew they were going to be popular from the start, because we knew just how much innovation, dedication and love we’d poured into these 100% natural, grain-free, high-protein foods. But we were dreaming even bigger right from the beginning.

So we went bigger. Since January 2016, every bag of Canine & Feline PowerFood our customers have chosen for their beloved pets has been 100% carbon neutral. Carbon neutral products mean that no net carbon emissions have been added to the environment through the entire manufacturing and distribution process. Tails everywhere are wagging with approval!

How Carbon Neutral Products Work

Taking responsibility for our actions

Let’s face facts. All manufacturing creates carbon emissions as a byproduct. But socially conscious manufacturers can “equal out” the CO2 they create by tracking the emissions, then “offsetting” that amount by funding various global projects aimed at reducing equivalent (or greater) emissions into the atmosphere.

Only Natural Pet tracks all of the energy consumed by the ingredient processing, manufacturing, packaging and distribution of three of our bestselling food lines: Canine Powerfood, Feline PowerFood, Wholesome Homemade & PowerFusion. Since then, our carbon neutral programs resulted in more than 10,000 metric tons of carbon emissions being offset. That’s like taking more than 2,000 cars off the road for a whole year!

Doing Good Where it Matters

Facilitating good around the world

All around the world, hundreds of communities are enjoying improvements to their environment as a result of carbon offset initiatives. As its global project of choice, Only Natural Pet supports a sustainability project located in the Pará region of Brazil.

Pará is home to an amazingly diverse rainforest ecosystem. But the region experiences deforestation threats from illegal logging, land speculation and cattle ranching facilitated by the expansion of unofficial roads. Fortunately, there’s still time to make a difference and reverse these trends.

Our initiative is helping to preserve a vital section of what remains of the Pará Amazon rainforest. In addition to preserving the time-honored traditions of the 80 families that live in the area, the project is helping to prevent the widespread deforestation that had been taking place. By the end of the project, these efforts will prevent more than 22 million tons of greenhouse gas emissions from being released into the atmosphere—a benefit equivalent to building 5,000 wind turbines. That’s not just a lot of hot air.

Why Stop There?

Where our pawprints are leading next

In the years since our first lines went carbon neutral, we’ve introduced entirely new product assortments that have been carbon neutral from launch: Wholesome Homemade in October 2016 and (most recently) PowerFusion in November 2017. Whenever we roll out even more new products, you can bet we’re keeping the environment in mind.

And it doesn’t end with new products. We have to consider the impact that all the boxes being shipped to customers’ homes have on our carbon pawprint. Fortunately, there’s an answer for that as well. With our Carbon Neutral Shipping commitment, we… ah, we’ve gone on long enough. That’s a story for another time!

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