Summer Outdoor Gear for your Dog

Written by: Ajith Nair

Dogs love summertime as much as we do and it’s easy to see why; they get to swim, hike, camp, play fetch – it’s what dogs live for. When you’re out adventuring with your dog this summer, here are some canine gear tips to help outfit your pooch for the fun! Below are some highlights we thought you’d be interested in, or you can view all our outdoor gear here.
Stay Cool
Dogs can quickly get overheated when temperatures rise. There are two great solutions to help keep your pooch cool this summer – the Ruff Wear Swamp Cooler vest and the Canine Cooler bed. Designed with multiple layers of mesh fabric, the Swamp Cooler vest uses evaporative cooling to keep dogs cool – just dunk the Swamp Cooler in water and put it on your dog. The light colored fabric also keeps the sun off your dog’s back. The Canine Cooler bed provides a cushy, cool, and dry sensation using SoothSoft Comfort Technology. This fluid-cool, memory foam comfort bed soothes and conforms to your dog’s pressure points while cooling at room temperature. Just fill it with water once and it’s ready to go.
Fetching Fun
Throw and fetch is great fun for your dog the perfect way to get quality time outdoors together. We’ve got a great selection of fetching balls, discs, floaters, and throwers – some that even glow in the dark! One of our favorites are the Zogoflex toys from West Paw Design. They’re available in four fun shapes and sizes, including balls and flying discs, and they’re made out of a unique material that bounces, bends, chews, and floats. And importantly, they hold up to the gnawing and chewing your dog will put undoubtedly them through!
Pack It In, Pack It Out
Just like their human counterparts, dogs need their own packs to carry their essentials. The Approach Pack from Ruff Wear is an all-purpose pack for day hikes or overnight outings, while the Palisades Pack does it all with on-board water bladders and extra carrying capacity for multi-day adventures. Ruff Wear’s dog packs are built on a five-point adjustable harness for the dog’s comfort. A good rule of thumb when loading a pack is load no more than 25% of the dog’s weight and make sure the load is balanced between the two saddlebags. And don’t forget the portable bed so your dog doesn’t have to sleep on the cold, hard ground!
Essential Paw Protection
Summertime means hot pavement, sand, and gravel – not a good environment for bare dog paws. Dog boots protect paws from hazards so that you and your dog can stay in the action. Check out Ruff Wear’s Bark’n Boots Grip Trex Boots for rugged trails, their Skyliner Boots that are ideal for hot, manmade surfaces like sidewalks and asphalt, or the Pawz Biodegradable Natural Dog Boots for easy convenience. Whatever boots you choose, you’ll get year-round use from them once the snow starts to fly in the winter!
Doggie Paddle!
While most dogs are instinctive swimmers, every dog can benefit from a canine life jacket. Ruff Wear Float Coats are designed to float dogs in a natural horizontal swimming position and allow full range of movement. The Big Eddy Float Coat is ideal for fast-moving water and frequent use, while the Portage Float Coat is great for beginning swimmers and recreational use. The handle on the Float Coats helps to lift dogs into boats or when you need to quickly move them out of harm’s way.
Enjoy your summer with your best friend, and turn to Only Natural Pet Store to keep your dog safe, cool, and happy during all your summertime adventures!

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