Our Process

Our product development process puts pets first by looking at their unique biological needs before selecting premium, human-quality ingredients that support their health and happiness the natural way. Here is how we do it:

  • Begin with pets’ ancestral biology - They are carnivores that thrive on high animal protein and healthy fats, but not carbohydrates (we call it paleo inspired, like in the human food world).
  • Formulate for that biology – Working with our holistic veterinarian, Dr. Jean Hofve, we formulate paleo-inspired recipes that are minimally processed.
  • Choose natural ingredients – We use only ingredients that are suitable for human consumption and none that would be unhealthy for pets. Our food and treats contains no ingredients from China and we emphasize responsible, sustainable ingredients like wild-caught fish, grass-fed meat, cage-free chicken and non-GMO fruits and vegetables
  • Be transparent to pet parents - We always disclose all product ingredients, even when not required. We strive for short and clean ingredient lists and utilize third-party certifications from organizations like the Marine Stewardship Council, Non-GMO Project and Global Animal Partnership

How We're Different

There are many ingredients that can be put into pet products that are not permitted in human products. In fact, this is the basis of how many conventional pet companies operate. They look for cheap, abundant by-products that cannot be used in human food because they are not healthy or are not suitable for human consumption and find creative ways to use them in pet food and supplies.

While pets might love leftovers from our plate, we think they deserve better than leftovers from commercial manufacturing. That’s why we’ve flipped the process for Only Natural Pet products. First, we examine the biological needs of pets. Then, working with our holistic veterinarian, we select only premium, natural ingredients that are suitable for human consumption to make products that support pets’ well-being both inside and out.

Only Natural Pet's Development Process

Only Natural Pet Development Process Only Natural Pet Development Process

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