Video: Naturally Helping and Relieving Your Pet's Allergies

Naturally Caring for Your Pet's Allergies
with Dr. Jean Hofve

Naturally Caring for Your Pet's Allergies

0:03 The interesting thing about dogs and cats is that they're
0:07 allergy symptoms tend to be manifest themselves
0:10 either in the digestive tract or on the skin.
0:13 Pets get horrible allergies: the number one most common
0:17 allergy in pets is flea bite allergies.
0:20 Fleas inject saliva as an anti-coagulant into the dogs so that the blood stays
0:24 liquid so they could suck it up. That has proteins in it and the proteins can
0:29 cause a tremendous allergy and in an allergic
0:32 animal, just a single flea bite, one flea biting one time
0:36 can cause a major allergic reaction.
0:39 What you're gonna see in a dog with hay fever that’s allergic to pollen
0:44 you’re going to see them itch and they will break out in a rash
0:47 or they will start tearing up a hotspot in their skin
0:50 it's called atopy or inhalant allergy.
0:54 Ear infections often have an out allergic component. If you see black gookie stuff
0:59 in your dog's ear, it could be here mites but it's more likely to be
1:02 atopy, or allergy or some other thing going on there
1:05 and it can be either a food allergy or an inhalant allergy.
1:09 Food allergies can also cause the same exact skin symptoms.
1:13 It gets a little tricky to figure out what your pet is allergic to.
1:21 In dogs there are two major ways to diagnose allergies:
1:24 one is with the blood test and the other is with what they call
1:28 intradermal skin testing; with cats
1:30 you really have to kind of go with an elimination diet
1:34 Now the curious thing about food allergies and
1:37 atopy is that oftentimes even inhalant
1:40 allergies will improve or diminish or even resolve
1:44 if you change the diet. If you're using a food that has a whole bunch of ingredients
1:47 try a simpler food.
1:49 Your veterinarian is an important partner in this
1:52 because they can help figure out what is going on and what
1:56 needs to be done to change how that animal is responding
2:00 to that trigger.

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