Video: Caring for Your Adult Pet

Care for Your Adult Pet
with Dr. Steve Sanderlin

Naturally Caring for Your Adult Pet's Unique Needs

0:02 An adult pet is
0:05 in general a dog or cat that as at the point in their life to where they're not
0:10 puppies they’re not juvenile adolescence anymore but they're not yet seniors
0:14 and depending on the breed depending on whether it's a dog or cat
0:18 that time in their life can be variable but
0:21 the adult time in a dog or cat's life is
0:24 when their mature physically when the mature mentally
0:31 the needs of an adult dog and or an adult cat are
0:35 similar to puppies, similar to adolescence and similar to seniors
0:39 but there are specific requirements for an adult dog to maintain
0:43 their energy level to maintain their digestive immune system health to
0:47 Maintain their body condition. Natural pet foods, natural supplements and a natural lifestyle
0:54 for an adult dog or cat are the perfect way to balance
0:57 their nutritional, physical and mental needs. Depending on the pets activity
1:02 level and lifestyle with the family
1:04 some pets may need more calories some pets may
1:07 need less calories but in general a natural diet,
1:11 a natural lifestyle should be able to provide an adult pet with
1:15 everything they need to be both physically and mentally sound and healthy.
1:19 A natural lifestyle enjoyed by any adult pet can be
1:26 achieved by the Guardian calling a veterinarian
1:29 starting to ask them questions find; a natural holistically oriented vet in your area.
1:34 The American Veterinary Holistic Medical Association
1:38 has a website that lists holistic and naturally oriented veterinarians
1:42 around the United States
1:44 so that's a good source for guardians to find an individual that can provide
1:49 more holistically oriented veterinary care for their pet.

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