Video: Food Is Your Pet's Healthcare - Feeding a Natural Diet

Understanding Natural Pet Food
with Dr. Jean Hofve

Food Is Your Pet's Healthcare: Feeding a Natural Diet

0:04 pet foods are made
0:05 for the most part from the leftovers of the human food packing ingredients
0:08 so ingredients that people don't want they can’t be sold for human consumption
0:13 they’re considered unfit for human consumption
0:17 they have too much pesticide residue or there some other reason why
0:19 they're not able to be used in human food
0:22 that's what goes into pet food. Grains that are in pet food
0:26 are those that are not fit for human consumption or perhaps they have too
0:29 much pesticide residue
0:31 the USDA says that grains that are condemned for human
0:36 consumption because of excess pesticides can be used without limit in
0:40 animal feed including pet food
0:41 which is kind of scary. I think we're seeing a lot of illness and a lot of
0:45 chronic poor health
0:46 as a result the feeding foods that are not really giving the
0:50 body what it means for nourishment. Grains are used in pet food because
0:54 they’re a cheap filler ingredient, they provide calories
0:58 but not a lot of nutrition and that may help explain why
1:01 more than fifty percent of our dogs and cats today
1:05 are overweight or obese. The things that you really want to pay attention to
1:10 in the ingredient list you want to see good quality proteins
1:14 in the top of the list you want to see things with names that you recognize
1:19 you know, a meat with a name: lamb or
1:22 beef or venison or chicken. There is a trick that they use to
1:26 put a meat at the very top of the ingredient list, is they put a lot of water in it
1:32 and because the ingredients are listed by weight that ingredient
1:36 rises to the top so what you really want to know
1:40 especially in a dry food is what are the next few ingredients because
1:41 the second protein ingredient is really going to be where the protein is
1:45 coming from so you want to see something like
1:47 chicken meal rather than corn
1:50 ground yellow corn or soy protein
1:53 you want your animal to be getting meat
1:57 because that's what they're designed to eat

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