Video: Raw Pet Diets for Optimal Health

Learning About Raw Diets
with Dr. Steve Sanderlin

Raw Pet Diets for Optimal Health

0:02 alternative diets or a lot of people refer to them as raw diets are
0:09 essentially a whole other category of natural diets
0:13 that include pre-prepared raw diets
0:16 the importance of these diets really center around
0:19 the benefits of just absolutely minimal, minimal processing of these food
0:25 ingredients trying to get back to the pure form of what natural is
0:29 feeding our dogs and cats who are carnivores
0:32 ingredients that are literally as
0:36 they would be from their wild feline and canine wolf
0:41 predecessors our companion animals can benefit from these minimally processed
0:45 ingredients
0:46 by thriving and being so much more healthy at different levels
0:50 of what they would be if they were eating conventional processed
0:54 grain rich poor meat protein
0:58 quality foods that have been in the mainstream for so many decades
1:02 now raw foods or alternative diets may not be for every
1:06 guardian may not be for every pet owner they might may not even
1:10 suit every companion animal pet but there
1:13 are many, many if not most of the dog and cat population
1:17 that will thrive on alternative or raw diets
1:21 in the form of refrigerated freeze-dried
1:25 frozen fresh diets

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