Earth's Balance Tick Releaser Spray & Mail-In Test Kit

Tick Releaser Spray & Mail-In Test Kit

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For cats and dogs.

Don't take a chance when you find a tick on your pet. Earth's Balance Tick Releaser Spray & Mail-In Test Kit is designed to help release the pest and provides a mail-in tester kit to send the tick to a lab to be tested for common diseases.

The releaser spray is composed of simple, all natural ingredients. Simply spray the formula on the attached tick, remove carefully and submit the pest for diagnostic testing to ensure the safety of your pet. Mail-in diagnostic testing is available for the following diseases: Lyme Disease, Anaplasma, Babesia, Ehrlichia, Bartonella, Rocky Mountain Spooted Fever and Tularemia.

Earth's Balance Tick Releaser Spray & Mail-In Test Kit

  • All-natural tick removal spray
  • Easy-to-use testing kit
  • Ensure your pet is not susceptible to common diseases
  • Toxin-free formula
  • Safe for pets and people
  • Made in the USA

Remove the tick and get some peace of mind with Earth's Balance Tick Releaser Spray & Mail-In Test Kit.

Manufacturer: Earth's Balance

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Ingredients - Clove oil, lemongrass oil, purified water, almond oil, glycerin. ​


Shake well before using. Spray 2-3 times on the attached tick.
Wait for the tick to back out of the skin. If the tick has been attached for over 24 hours, spray again to allow tick to weaken the cement-like substance that keeps the tick firmly attached to the skin.
Once released, remove the tick with the tweezers and place in the collection tube. Seal the tube tightly and place in a padded envelope along with your completed order form.
Clean the area with the alcohol prep pad.
Choose your desired diagnostic test on the order form and mail the tube with the order form.

Note: Tick Releaser works best within hours of the tick bite. If the tick does not release after several sprays, consult your doctor. Do not pull off.

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