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Cranberry Wellness: A Cranberry Extract Supplement Powder for Urinary Support

One of the most frustrating health issues we hear about from cat and dog owners is their pets' recurrent urinary tract problems. Many pet guardians are at wits' end with the repeated prescriptions for antibiotics, which may clear their pet's problem for a short while, only to have it come back again within a few weeks. Beyond the disruptive effects antibiotics can have on pets' digestive systems, repeat courses of antibiotics may impact future health treatment options for these pets, because some pathogens may become resistant to these antibiotic regimens. Holistic practitioners recognize that round after round of antibiotics is not the best long-term solution to preventing recurrent urinary tract problems, and for many pets, the key to urinary tract health can be found in the right health supportive products.

Only Natural Pet Cranberry Wellness Powder contains a unique set of ingredients that work together to support a healthy urinary tract in cats and dogs. Pets prone to recurrent pathogenic urinary tract or bladder problems or struvite crystals in the urine have benefited from the addition of these key substances to their diet. This cranberry supplement formula may offer benefits to the urinary tract through the following actions:

  • help lower urine pH (normalize pH when urine is too alkaline)
  • help dissolve particulate matter in the urine
  • help reduce the formation of struvite crystals and stones
  • help prevent bacterial attachment to the lining of the urinary tract
  • soothe irritated tissues in the urinary system
  • help reduce the recurrence of pathogenic urinary tract and bladder problems
  • support the immune system in resisting disease

The following quality botanical extracts, herbs and health co-factors were selected for the Cranberry Wellness Powder formula:

  • Cranberry Extract – Adding cranberries to the diet has long been a practice in folk medicine to support urinary tract health. Contemporary research with cranberry extracts has demonstrated the wisdom of this practice. Cranberry extract has been found to help normalize urine pH, which may help prevent the formation of urinary crystals. Research has also identified compounds in cranberry that prevent E. Coli bacteria from attaching to the lining of the urinary tract, which helps prevent it from multiplying and creating infection. Cranberries are also rich in antioxidants and are a natural source of vitamin C.
  • Marshmallow Root – Marshmallow root is rich in mucilage compounds that may help soothe the lining of the urinary tract. This botanical extract supports the body's inflammatory response process and is thought to help the body pass particulate matter from the urinary tract more easily. Marshmallow has demonstrated antimicrobial properties in animal research and is believed to support immune response in the presence of pathogens.
  • Blueberry Extract – Like the cranberry, blueberry contains compounds that help prevent bacteria from attaching to the lining of the urinary tract. Findings from research in the US and abroad support the use of blueberry to help prevent urinary tract problems. Blueberries also contain antioxidants, manganese and vitamin C.
  • Vitamin C (Calcium Ascorbate) – With its well-documented ability to support the immune system, vitamin C is a natural choice to help the body respond to and resist urinary tract issues. Vitamin C is also believed to help balance urine pH, which may in turn help prevent the development of urine crystals.
  • Olive Leaf– This potent botanical extract contains the compound oleuropein, demonstrated in contemporary research to have strong antimicrobial properties. Olive leaf helps support the immune system in responding to pathogens, and it has been used successfully with a wide array of infectious conditions caused by bacterial, viral, and fungal pathogens.

This product has been manufactured in an FDA-registered facility.

Available in a 50 gram container. Approximately 110 servings per 50 gram container.

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Review Rating: 4.5

Country of Origin: USA

Manufacturer: Only Natural Pet

Active Ingredientsper 1 Scoop (0.5g)
Cranberry (fruit) Extract (10:1) 225 mg
Marshmallow (root) Extract (4:1) 150 mg
Blueberry (fruit) Extract (4:1) 50 mg
Olive (leaf) Extract (4:1) 40 mg
Vitamin C (Calcium Ascorbate) 25 mg

Other Ingredients - Natural Turkey Flavor

Suggested Use

  • For use in dogs and cats over the age of 6 weeks.
  • Feed twice daily mixed in food for up to 3 weeks.
  • After the first 3 weeks, administer no more than twice weekly for maintenance.
  • For use in dogs and cats over the age of 6 weeks.
  • This product is intended for intermittent or supplemental feeding only.

Pet Type Weight Daily Dosage
Cat All ¼ tsp
Dog Under 15 lbs 1 Scoop
16 lbs - 50 lbs 1 1/2 Scoops
51 lbs - 100 lbs 2 Scoops
96 lbs - 150 lbs 4 Scoops


  • Safe use in pregnant animals or animals intended for breeding has not been proven.
  • Consult with your veterinarian before using this product if your pet has a history of any medical condition.

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