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A Natural Stress and Anxiety Treatment for Dogs and Cats

Just like you, your pets are subject to stress & anxiety, but thankfully taking steps to counteract it is easy with Only Natural Pet Anxiety & Stress Homeopathic Remedy.

Only Natural Pet Anxiety & Stress Homeopathic is a safe, effective remedy for use with pets exhibiting nervousness and anxious behavior. This formula is a combination of homeopathic ingredients developed by our holistic veterinarian, Dr. Jean Hofve. It's easy to administer and will go a long way in supporting healthy stress levels and maintaining your pet's overall health.

Stress can be caused by many different factors, whether your pet is naturally a high-strung, anxious breed; he's had a difficult life history, which is common in shelter and rescued companions; or he's undergoing environmental changes like going to the vet’s office, car travel, thunderstorms, boarding, or visitors in the home. No matter the reason, Only Natural Pet Anxiety & Stress Homeopathic is a natural solution that can safely be used in any situation which causes stress for your pet.

Only Natural Pet Anxiety & Stress Homeopathic Remedy:

  • Is specially formulated by Dr. Jean Hofve, our holistic vet
  • Works by harnessing the power of homeopathy
  • Is completely natural and safe for pets of all ages
  • Is ideal for environmental stressors like loud noises and traveling
  • Is safely made in the USA

About Homeopathy

Homeopathy is a natural, holistic system for healing that works by eliminating the underlying imbalance in a pet’s body that is causing unwanted symptoms. In homeopathy, health is defined as not just the absence of symptoms, but a feeling of well-being and vitality. Homeopathy has been used for more than 200 years. It follows Aristotle’s theory that “like cures like.” For example, ipecac in large doses will cause nausea, salivation, and violent vomiting in a healthy person. In contrast, homeopathic ipecac can cure those same symptoms in a sick patient.

In addition, homeopathy uses the principle of the “minimum dose.” Homeopathic remedies are made from natural substances such as plants and minerals that are highly diluted (potentized) and shaken (succussed), which eliminates any toxic effects of the natural substance. It is literally impossible to overdose with a homeopathic formula, and they are generally safe for use with other remedies or medicines.

Available in a 1 oz liquid.

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Country of Origin: USA

Manufacturer: Only Natural Pet

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Active Ingredients
Aconitum 12x
Arsenicum 6x
Baryta carb 12x
Calcarea carb 12c
Chamomilla 12x
Coffea cruda 12x
Gelsemium 12x
Ignatia 12x
Kali phos 12x
Lycopodium 12x
Passiflora incarnatea 6x
Pulsatilla 12x
Rhododendron 6x
Staphysagria 12x
Valeriana 12x
Veratrum album 30x
Zincum metallicum 12x

Inactive Ingredients - Demineralized water, Ethanol 25%

Suggested Use

  • Typical dosage amount is 5 to 10 drops administered orally 3 times daily.
  • Homeopathic remedies are best given at least 20 minutes before or after a meal.
  • Drop the liquid directly into the animal’s mouth or on the gums.
  • If this is difficult to do with your pet, you may also administer it by mixing it with drinking water, milk, a treat, or food.

For acute injuries, trauma, and illnesses, the remedy can be given every 15 minutes for the first hour, reducing to every 30 minutes for the next hour, then to once in the third hour. This may be all that is needed to stimulate the healing process and resolve the imbalance.

For chronic conditions, administration 3 times daily is the general recommendation. As the symptoms resolve, you may reduce the frequency of the dosage.

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