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Coenzyme Q10-10 mg Dog Cat 100 Capsules

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For cats and dogs.

A Coenzyme Q10 formula for cats and dogs to support cardiovascular and periodontal health.

CoenzymeQ10 is found in the mitochondria, the chemical factories of all cells where energy is made. Hundreds of mitochondria are present in each cell and are most highly concentrated in the periodontal tissue, heart, and liver. CoQ10 enhances the formation of ATP (Adenosine Triphosphate), the basic energy molecule used by every cell.

CoQ10 is found in the highest concentration in "high energy" organs such as the brain, heart, muscles, liver, kidneys and pancreas. It is a powerful antioxidant and immune enhancer.

CoQ10 can support the cellular energy necessary for heart health (ailing hearts are often deficient in CoQ10) and helps carbohydrate metabolism support blood sugar balance, and gum health (deficiencies of CoQ10 have been linked to poor gum health).

Recommended for

  • Periodontal health
  • As an adjunct for animals with recurrent or persistent mouth and gum concerns
  • Enhanced energy production for a healthy immune response
  • Cardiovascular support
  • Carbohydrate metabolism
  • Oxygen utilization
  • Support circulation, physical energy and stamina
  • Liver support and detoxification

Levels of Q10 in the body decline with age so as the animal ages supplementation is often recommended

Coenzyme Q10 - 10mg for cats and dogs, contains 10 mg. Available in 100 capsules.

Review Rating: 4.5

Country of Origin: USA

Manufacturer: Vetri-Science

Coenzyme Q10 – 10mg

Active Ingredient Per Capsule - Coenzyme Q10 10 mg

Inactive Ingredients - cellulose, gelatin, malto- dextrin, silicon dioxide, vegetable stearate.

Suggested Use

  • If giving more than 1 capsule, divide between AM and PM.

Coenzyme Q10 - 10 mg

  • Give 1 capsule daily per 10 lbs of body weight.
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